KA100 Hard Starting from Cold

Might as well keep this thing moving with new guy questions.

Does anyone else have difficulty starting your KA After it’s sat for awhile? Is there a trick to cold starts? Hand over air box to choke it?

Both times I’ve fired mine up it does NOT fire on its own. No throttle, full throttle, pumping the gas while it cranks…none of this works. I’ve had to remove the air box and spray some starting fluid in the carb to get it to light off.

The first time I was on brand new fuel lines that didn’t have any fuel in them and though it it was simply related to that. But I tried to fire it tonight and once again had to resort to starting fluid.

Once it fires up and runs for only a couple seconds I can kill it and it will restart on its own without issue. It’s just that initial time when it’s sat where it doesn’t want to start.

I have to choke it almost every time I start it.

Some engines fire right up without throttle or anything. But yeah, almost every time I have to cover the airbox for a sec while pressing the button.

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As a follow up…it was as simple as choking the airbox when cold to remedy this situation. Fired right up for me

Mine has trouble with the first start of the day. I usually use my external starter then it’s good all day. Last race the guy I was putting with saw me struggle but told me to remove air box and put hand directly over carb. Fires right up. Did it next morning and boom, fired instantly. Just covering air box holes wasn’t good enough for mine.

Yeah, if I’m warming it up on the stand in the morning and it cranks for more than 15-20 seconds with the on-board starter, I just grab the external and it fires up immediately.

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Yeah it’s totally normal to have to give it a bit of choke from cold to give it a little extra fuel. It works better on the carb outlet vs airbox unless you can get a good deal with your hand on the airbox.