Iame Leopard parilla 125cc

I have a questions about Iame Power Pack.
In inside, I see rectifing diode - one side is in J2 connect and second with abother black cable on connect number two. Its correct? Its oryginal ? I dont see this part on wiring diagram.

On photo is switch to emergency engine off. This is custom/self made too? Tomorrow I take a picture cable beam. I think, I can remove This, but I first I ask, before I broke something.

Your are probably correct on both issues. I had an old control box lay around for many years and think I only pitched it a couple of months ago. In any case, don’t recall having any component connected between any of the terminals.
Don’t recall a cable connector like the one you pictured. Our engine had the white flat connectors as pictured in the assemble and user manual.
Can we assume that the engine does not run as you are opening up the control box?

Not sure what is going on, or if it is a different model, but I just went and took pictures of the old power pack that I have, and these are the pics.

Its my power pack

I open wire protect, and this how is mount emergebcy engine off switch

I dont know how engine work. I bought old forget go kart. All is complete but, need good service and overview. I disassembles evrything,clean, check or repair. I make evrything with service manual. So if I see that’s cable, which is not in the diagram, I want to fix it so that it is in accordance with the original.

Last owner, he knew nothing, broke down a bit and neglected everything.

Does your powepack work? Can i buy it

I’ll have to look to see if I still have it. Last time I used it, it worked, but since I am not sure, if I find it I will sell it to you cheap. I’ll have to look this weekend when I have time to go by my trailer.