Iame x30 old style exhaust vs. new style


Just bought a used iame x30 motor, with the old style exhaust… Any advantage in updating to the new style exhaust in one piece ??

Reading in the manual for the motor, they are mentionen some tuning options with the old style exhaust, where you can cut the length of the flex piece, and changing your tune that way. No options like that with the new one, but maybe its a better performer overall ??

Hoping for some feedback

To be honest, we didn’t tune much with flex anyway. I know some people did but we always found pretty close to minimum was good.

No flex = less mess from exhaust, no flex breaking.


On some tracks, I’d tune with flex a little bit, but it’s been more out of just interest, rather than a real performance gain.

The one piece pipes look nice. If I keep running the X30 next season, then I’ll replace mine just for looks. :wink:

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Thanks guys…
So no performance Advantage with the new style ?

This is how mine looks. A one piece tube without Flex

There is a huge performance upgrade with the new pipe and electronics. If you are allowed to run it, run it. Old style stuff will not be remotely competitive vs the new stuff. I’ve been testing it over the past few months. Peak HP is about the same, but the difference in midrange is huge; the dyno graph looks like you took a Rotax up to 11k and pasted it onto an X30 graph from 11k to 16k. Granted, to get the most out of the new stuff the engine build needs to be slightly different, and the carburetion is different, but if you just stick the new stuff on an older engine, it might not be optimal, but it will definitely perform better.

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I didn’t know there was an electronics update.

Can you give more details on when it was introduced and how to identify it?

I didn’t know there was an electronics update. Where can you get it, and how can you tell?

As an X30 driver who has been seriously considering a move to Rotax, this is relevant to my interest.

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The electronics update took place several years ago everywhere but in the US. Back in 2014 SKUSA wisely put in a 7yr moratorium on any engine updates (after they witnessed Maxspeed self-implode), so we in the US have stayed on the old electronics and the header/flex/pipe setup. We were set to move to the new kit in 2021, but because of the pandemic, SKUSA decided to put it off another year. The new electronics consist of a CDI box rather than a separate ECU, coil and starter relay, along with a different stator and rotor. The new CDI/coil is blue, as is the plastic on the stator (old style has a black coil and black stator). The wiring harness is the simple unit used on the KA, so the whole battery and electronics have a cleaner and smaller footprint on the kart. The new pipe is one piece, similar to a Rok or OK pipe. So, for now, if you race in the US, you will need to stay on the old kit for another year.

Oh ok, so I knew about this. I thought there might have been another update that I’d have to sadly spend more money on.

Very nice info thanks…

I’m from EU… So people here run the new upgraded motor in the x30 class.

The thing is, that i’m just a hobby driver at the moment. My motor is the old one, you mentionen, with old style exhaust, separate ECU, coil and starter relay , the old carburator etc. But you still think, that i would have a performance boost with the new exhaust ?

Btw. Do you think that with the new x30 engine, the performance is better overall Vs. Rotax max Evo ?

UPDATE : Funny thing is. I just watch this video with Power Republic, unpacking iame x30. What I can se is, that the motor has the old style electronics (separate ecu, coil and starter relay) but with the new Tillotson carburetor and new one piece exhaust… So the “performance upgrade” must be coming from the exhaust and carburetor ?? The electronics must be working/performing the same way new vs. old… Just with the new one more stylish and a lot more compact ??