If you’re seeing Ads (While logged in), Please Post Here

If you are logged into the forums you should not be seeing any ads. They should display only for people who are not logged into the forums.

Please post below of you are seeing ads while signed in. Browser/OS data would be helpful too.

Still persistent. IOS, safari. Popping up within topics now.

I just had a “pop-up” ad in iOS Chrome that I had to close out of before being able to proceed.

I’ll screenshot if I see it again.

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I’m still getting ads too. First was a pop up, then two others at the bottom of the page. iOS with Chrome

Pop up ad every few times I visit the site. It’s definitely better than a week ago when there was an ad after every section.

iOS 15.5


James, in my honest opinion don’t sweat it so much. I know it’s frustrating and unsightly but I know it can get figured out. I’d rather have ads every so often if that means KP can live forever! No in all seriousness no biggie honestly even if it takes time to figure out it’s all good, I think I speak for all of us in saying that we really appreciate the effort.


I use Brave browser and don’t see anything. :wink:


I was getting them but put it down to my homepage short cut not logging me in properly. If I did get them I just had to open a topic then refresh the category index, no more ads. Sorted itself out now, no ads at all.

I appreciate that. My thought is to use the ads to encourage folks to sign up, we’ll see how that goes. In the meantime it brings in a little revenue to do cool stuff.

For some reason the plug-in that’s supposed to suppress the ads for people signed in seems to be inconsistent so I’m gathering as much information as I can to see if there is a pattern.

The interstitial ads (between pages) are a test I’m currently running as well. I despise them personally but if the numbers show no difference in bounce rate, number of pages per visit or time on site I may leave them. They personally make me want to vom though :laughing:

During all of this I’m watching the analytics to see if the ads have a negative impact, first and foremost the site has to continue to deliver on its promise as being a resource for the sport and provide visibility to karting in web searches.

If there are any signs that ads are detracting from this then I’ll re-evaluate what we’re going to do.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to report if you’re seeing ads while signed in.

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Have since had a couple more pop-ups. Honestly, The scroll-through ads don’t bug me so much, but pop ups are more of a pain.

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Same i have s22 android and use google chrome

Can’t click on any topic today or load the homepage without an ad today… it’s starting to get a bit frustrating.

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Is no one else running an ad blocker?

On my desktops yes. iPhone not so much. Run into issues and the apps ask for way too many permissions to block ads.

No ad blocker on this site, and still no ads ever with Firefox on windows or Android. It may be a chrome engine thing.

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Did you buy a KTM? I’ve heard they are fun

Just saw my first ad using Google Chrome on my laptop. It was the pop-up variety.

When you say pop-up, is that one that appeared between page clicks?