Im new....Dont know what to do

@KartingIsLife thanks man. And yeah I didn’t think of it like that. Getting it to rotate is a little like that.

Won’t be building anything to crazy. But the idea of doing some cfd for an aero package is really intriguing. While the OTK m7 stuff is ugly from a fluid dynamics stand point it makes total sense.

@KartwerksDan you would be correct. It’s a Monza. No clue a year. I’ll take some pics

For a few years in that era the eccentric pills are between the spindle C’s rather than on top. If your spacer between the spindle and the C is round, there is not any adjustment. If they look like a thin 17mm nut, your eccentrics are hidden there.

Do you think you could post a picture of your car? Im wondering what 800 horses does in 2300 pounds.

@KartwerksDan that’s nifty I’ll take a gander.


Just a neon. High 11.7:1 on e98 with a efr9174.


Did you use to live in KC? The car looks familiar, maybe I have just seen it on KCSR.

I would wait until you have a decent day to run in the dry to see how close you are on a normal setup. The more seat time you have the more you will be able to tell if its the driver or the kart that needs tweaking.

For us non-car guys… 11.7 is 1/4 mile? Efr is some sort of performance bolt on to engine? Turboed?

@Sleek98 haha small world. Yep grew up in KC area. Moved away in 2006. Lived in Seattle area since 2010.

Yeah unfortunately probably 4-5 months away from getting some predictable dry days to go out and try setup

@Bimodal_Rocket no that was the compression ratio. E98 is the fuel. 98% ethanol. EFR is a series of borg Warner turbo. 64ish mm in size. Motor should be good to a 1000 hp but trying to maintain a little reliability so it will he kept at the 7-800 range. Backed by a liberty gears dog box (non synchronized straight cut gears). All ran off a Haltech stand-alone system. It’s currently in a major overhaul stage. And has kinda been pushed aside for this new karting hobby.

Unfortunately go pro died on Sunday and I didn’t have time to run back to the trailer so I only got qualifying and first heat race. I’ll upload the video later today.

See what you guys find. I found 3 seconds from qualifying to finals. P1 in quali was 1:19.1. I was 1:22.1. Finals I finally got down and put in 3 laps in the 1:19s

Nice. Thx for explanation. The one advantage of karting is that you’d be hard pressed to spend more than 10k total on your “car” and have absolutely top quality stuff.

Thats some impressive fuel and a decent sized turbo. this year was my first year and I am doing a tent program so I cant help you with tuning much but I run a similar class (world formula) id be happy to answer questions about driving but I might not be the best person to do so.

Does this mean anything? I’m about to pull up some YouTube to go through aim data analysis see if I can figure out what I’m looking at

There are quite a few data topics here that breakdown some basics, as well as a good series that @DavinRS helped put together.


Man it is so weird coming to a forum with helpful people. Thanks @tjkoyen


:joy: Not a problem. Happy to help. I’ve been on plenty of car forums etc. where everyone is an ass. Karting people tend to be pretty friendly and helpful.


Well there is a speed trace. Looks like I would expect. Yet another rain race. I’ll get this data thing figured out.

Next goal is figure out how to do this theoretical best. So I can see how disappointed I am in myself

Ok so now you want to go to the splits page. There’s a tab that will show you theoretical best and break doen all the track. I’ll try to screeny for ya tonight.

Did you do any data perusing in your car stuff? The bit that we tend to look at most is rpm traces.

Is that race studio 3? (AIM)

No I never had a logger on the old setup. New setup isn’t done. New setup has more info than you can shake a stick at. Brake pressure, throttle position, shock pots, 4 wheel speed sensors you name it. But since it’s still in pieces no data to use. Haha

And I imported with racestudio 3. But when I click on anything it either loads some analysis app or dumps me in RS2

It may be “just” a Neon but it it has approx 500 more horsepower than my fancy sportscar and would likely smoke it in all situations.
Does it handle?

Ok. Data can be super useful and since you aren’t new and you appear to be a good driver already, dive in.

I would recommend maybe hiring a coach to teach you what you need to know about how to use and read data.

There’s a lot of stuff that is doable using formulas that aren’t obvious.

Also, what does rpm tell you lap over lap? What are you looking for etc.

I was pretty blown away by Warren walking me through data the first time. What he was able to see was not obvious to me and I learned a huge amount.

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