I'm not saying I want one

Yes it silly but it had to happen eventually.

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I don’t know if I would spend the money to buy one but I would be very very happy to try one out. If it works how i suppose it is where you feel like the car is outside the helmet it would be very cool.

My only wonder is if your eyes have to be in the eye sights of the headset it may not feel much difference.

The problem with this is that it’s outdated already. The next gen is upon us. I suppose what would really matter is how does this work with glasses? Can’t put em on before helmet.

is the helmet certified?

The eyeport has a hole carved in it, so I would imagine no. I’m sure the interior is made up of the cheapest, non-compliant materials.

Wearing a VR headset already sort of feels like a helmet to me, not sure this would really improve the sensation.

The materials is what I was curious about. Would be pretty funny if it used fireproof stuff.

i can’t imagine it would be.

The only thing I can see that would be a benefit is that the helmet probably is less front heavy. that and “immersion” which matters to some.

I doubt it. Stilo stuff is expensive. I’d hope that cost came with decent materials. At the very least.

I’m a Stilo dealer, I’ll just ask them! :man_shrugging:

I should buy one from you and have an Oktane paint VR lid.
I’m a better sim karter than regular karter anyways. Or that’s how I’d justify it!

Let me know if anyone gets a VR helmet painted

Bonus: it never gets dropped accidentally on pavement. Paint will be perfect forever.

I cringed at even the thought of dropping a helmet. Also no rubber marks from flying rubber. Unless thats the next step in a more immersive VR racing sim, someone throwing tire chunks at you while you race.

There’s your get rich quick idea. Dumb sim guys like me might buy it. We already buy throttle controlled fans. Something that pelts the back of your head with rubber and your face with gravel might be marketable.

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Anyone with enough money might buy it. basic idea is like a mini automatic baseball thrower. put in desired projectiles and it shoots when you are behind someone. Starting price at $185. Get even more immersed with this masterpiece

Now we’re talking. Make it 500 so it’s just out of reach and thus desirable.

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another idea, just make a visor that can hold the Vr thing so you dont have to buy a helmet. I guess t=from their view the point is that you have to buy a helmet

Out of reach things tend to sell best

Yup. They are all in my list… direct drive wheel, 3Dof motion, etc.