Impact wrenches

Looking to buy a impact wrench, does anyone have any suggestions on a good durable one to purchase?

They’re not cheap but we have Makita 18V LXT cordless impact drivers in our tool crib, we use them mostly opening airplane fuel tank panels that typically get opened only every 5 years.

Super reliable, compact and strong. But like I said, not cheap.

I think what your looking to do with your impact wrench is going to make a big difference in the recommendation.

In terms of working on a kart the best option IMHO is the Mac 12v or Dewalt 12v bit impact drivers like the one shown.

The reason is simple, they have accurate TQ modes. Low is 6mm and High is 8mm bolts. So, you will get repeatable accurate TQ on bolts every time.

Many, of the 18v tools will have to much power IMHO for many of the things you will want to do on your kart.

Now, if you want a High Torque that will loosen anything the new 2967 by Milwaukee or the Dewalt DCF961B are the only choices on the market.


Agree completely. Impacts are forbidden for use in final tightening on our kart. The only exception being wheel nuts. I will use impacts to break bolts loose, or to run a nut down to the first click of the impact. After the first click, get out a hand tool and hand tighten, or a torque wrench for critical items.

We just use a cheapo Ryobi 18V set. Have a tire inflator (super handy and why we went Ryobi), a regular drill, an impact driver, and just added a 3/8" and 1/4" drive electric ratchet (Christmas goodies). The ratchets we can run down until the stop, then perform final tightening by hand.

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I use the Dewalt 20V stuff but not for tightening anything but clutch bolt (I run wheel nuts on with it, but only to first contact before grabbing socket wrench).

Agree a lesser-powered tool would be optimal so it could be used for both loosening and tightening, but I use so many other Dewalt 20V tools at the track (air compressor, heat gun, vacuum, leaf blower, lights, radio…) that using the 20V impact just keeps my battery life simple.

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That is why the MAC and Dewalt are so good. They are designed to apply 9ft/lbs and 18ft/lbs respectively which is the correct TQ for both 6mm and 8mm. I keep a more powerful 18v for things I intentionally want to overTQ like the clutch bolt. I use the 8mm mode for wheel nuts without any issue over 3 seasons.

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I have a Snap-On Ct-861 which I only use for taking my wheels on and off, nothing else on a kart needs an impact. It’s got a rocker switch trigger which makes it pretty quick and easy for that use. I also like that its really small and compact and a ton of power, as much as I like it I’ll admit its pretty overpriced to be honest. If I were you I’d go a made in Japan Makita which are much better built than the ones we can get off the shelves from home depot or online here in the US. The made in Japan ones aren’t very expensive either, I believe they’re actually a little cheaper. You can get them on, they also come in cooler colors than the ones we get in the US.

I use a 20v 1/4" DeWalt Impact driver. Much lower torque than a true impact wrench. I will use it to tighten down nuts but not full beans. Usually just to the first “ugga dugga” and then I hand tighten to torque. They are super handy for removing nuts too!

If I was starting from scratch, I’d consider the Ryobi tool ecosystem. I have their inflator which is super handy and if you also had one of their impact drivers, you could use the same battery ecosystem.

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The Ryobi also has the impact scaled on the tool, which means its starts really lightly and ramps up as you ‘but the beans’ to it lol. Kinda sucks on the removal side as you have to hold the tool down until it reaches the torque needed to break the bolt/nut loose but it better than have the full beans on the tightening side.

Interesting topic. Been eyeing on tools. I wanna some fan boy tools between milwaukee vs makita vs dewalt etc. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I have a Milwaukee 18v 3/8 drive and the only reason it’s a milwaukee is because it’s what I already had in my toolbox. Impacts aren’t necessary for anything we do in karting aside from wheels going on and off. A cheapo harbor freight impact would do the exact same job. This one just goes with all my batteries lol.

It looks like Ryobi has a couple of different tire inflators. Which one did you go with? I’ve been taking a portable air tank to the track but I’m looking for ways to lighten my load.

I use the P737 and it works just fine usually the reading on the gauge is about 2-3 psi higher but for inflating tires it takes maybe 10-15 seconds each works great might need a 4.0 battery if using a lot.

For Whiteland, you literally have friends with a garage that you have to walk right past on your way to the grid. Just stop in and grab the air hose. If you dont like me, use Burpo’s. :slight_smile:

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Personally, I use the impact mostly for removal purposes and for getting a start on tightening things, but I never actually torque anything down with the impact. I always hand tighten everything that I start installing with an impact so that I don’t strip or overstretch bolts, wheel studs, etc.

The main things I use it for on a regular basis are wheel removal and install, Briggs clutch removal and install, and rear sprocket changes.

I also find it useful for items with longer bolts - seats (mounting, relocating, etc), lead, and bearing cassettes.

Keep it smaller so it’s easier to get into places and carry around. I don’t think brand really matters… go with whatever brand your other power tools are so that you can easily swap batteries. And since my primary purpose is for removal, something with a little extra power isn’t necessarily bad, especially if you’re dealing with a Briggs clutch.

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Thanks man, I’ll definitely hit you up. Dude, there’s always super nice/helpful folks at the track. I’ve been dealing with some health issues that, best I can tell, are from over-exerting myself. So, I’m trying to dial down the intensity in little ways. I think packing lighter to the track will help. I need to thin out my toolbox too. I really think all of the running I did last summer is what got me. I don’t heal quite like I used to.

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Our compressor is right inside the middle of our double garage doors. Grab the hose anytime you need it.


This goes for anything. Just stop by and ask one of the guys for anything you need to use.

This is what we are running for our tools. So far they have suited us just fine for karting. Photos taken this morning at TSRS New Orleans.

Right on, thanks! I’m definitely looking forward to getting out there. I’m pretty much finished with fixing my Ranger. I did a ton of work on it this winter. Next on the to do list is getting my Deere ready for mowing season, then go kart. :metal: