Intrepid Silverstone / Rotax / bring back to life

Well I couldn’t ask for more. For 1000 euros with some spares, I could see the work it needed to come back in the baseline set up and good to go…

So we will start from scratch…
Wrench the hell out of it and restore the frame first things, first.

I wiil update the work. Feel free to ask. IMG_20190608_172527 IMG_20190610_210839 IMG_20190610_210900 IMG_20190611_202740 IMG_20190612_210138 IMG_20190615_202727

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Good luck with the project!

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Invest in a kart stand bro… working on it on the floor like that is gonna be a real PITA . All the best with the project…happy to share some guidance when you’ve reached the engine side of things.

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I did have a stant but it’s on the works coz one side is wrecked… Sure gonna use it next week…

I’m still at loosen all things out and take measures…
I will need help for sure as we work our way to the baseline on that old-timer…

For today’s work I will try to loose up rear axle and components and check them …
In the next days I will sandblast the chassis and start paint procedures.
Cheers from Greece

IMG_20190616_200057 IMG_20190617_112200

How many people are there in your series in Greece? Just curious. They say the Greek are the happiest people so I’m guessing you all go-kart.

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Well I’m into Karting 2 years now. And I’m a complete club rank driver till now…
Only some practice in my belt… But I I’m watching some races every some months…

Now here we have the national champion ship races . With some 80 people in all categories every race weekend .

We have the Rotax max challenge with some 60 people on the grid every race in all categories.

We have the iame series races.
With some 40 _50 karts on the race grid in all categories.

And from last year we have a small cup called time attack series. That’s something like. We run alone in the race track and we our time goes against the next driver time… Etc…

That’s the official races and Champs we have.
But there is also a lot of people that doing practice with older karts on any Sunday. When the race tracks don’t have races in…

We also have a race once a year called the p. I. C. K. Patras. And it’s a special kart race in the midlle of a city called Patra.
The roads is closed for the week end and the whole thing is remind something like a small Monaco race day…

I like the time trial idea. That sounds like fun. The idea of a street course in an old European town sounds pretty sweet.


Patras a great race and deserves more exposure IMO.

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That’s a link with last year’s promo for the special race at Patra Town. It’s also a good thing coz the specs for the entry are not so restricted so many drivers with older karts are take a place on the grid in this specific race.

I’m also like the idea of time attacks series and when I’m feeling confident I think that this will be my first official race… !

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I love how they have the formula cars, regular cars, whatever in addition to karts. Admittedly they can’t drive quickly as the huggy barriers are useless when it comes to big cars, but it’s gotta be awesome to see race cars on the city steeets.

Well the chassis is at sandblast shop right now.

Iv find an excellent set of body plastics so we put the old ones to garbage . It’s at the stage before paint them right now.

O yes. And the sticker set Iv order in Jake’s design in England is ready too.
I’m senting you the proof he sent me.

Country roads, take me home.

Very cool. That’s kart is gonna be quite pretty.

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Well this is it…
Start her from scratch…

Magnesium black wheels. And Chevrolet lumina black colour code ready to paint the chassis all ready in house…

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Got a name for her yet?

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Greetings from Greece.

Ooh. Does Indianapolis have a different meaning in Greek? For us in America, it’s a midwestern City. It’s a good name.

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Νο her name is Indianapolis coz of the indi racetrack and because the colours gonna be inspired by an old 90s Chevy lumina race car, from the Nascar.

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Makes sense. Sounds like we’ll be meeting it soon.

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Uploading: IMG_20190705_193741.jpg…

Preparation to the new plastic sets this weekend to make them ready for paint.

Also working around the rear axle to make thinks look clean and good and change all. consumables parts around him.

We all know she is old, but let’s bring her back on a respective level and show other guys in the pits that’s its not always money matters.