(k)ART pulse

Let’s start a thread for karting “art”.

It could be for karters who are artists putting up their work (kartists) or karting related doodles, photos, dioramas, sculptures, interpretive dance, whatever.

Surely we have some artists!

Here’s a drawing I did which is no good.


This is my first attempt at painting with acrylics, which I found frustratingly difficult.
It’s not quite karting related, but it is supposed to be a famous American driver who has a vague connection to karts.


I occasionally doodle on the iPad. Daniel Riccardo said last year that he wanted to walk into the paddock with a honey badger (as a joke)… anyways i couldn’t get the image out of my head, so here we are:


I love them both! I knew we had some kartists!

Let me guess, you’ve never painted in your life, but you practice visual painting in your head?
What can’t you do?
Incredible painting by the way

Not really art… but I’m trying to make an Ariel atom mixed with a kart


I paint walk. :rofl: But this is the first thing I’ve painted with brushes (did a little airbrushing, graphite, and colored pencils before); YouTube is amazing. :wink:

Finish the driving process & imagery training booklet. :roll_eyes: It is progressing, glacially, but it’s like peeling an onion… complete with the tears.

Engineering is art! I think.

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It’s Mario Andretti?

Yes, but I’m not sure if it’s from his time in F1 or CART. This is the picture I used as reference.

Now you can see the many flaws. :joy:

I have so many questions…
You’re definitely not real

Doesn’t painting generally require brushes? Exception being finger-painting.

I am so tempted to edit my comment but it’s funny and I’ll leave it.
Yes. But I didn’t think of that
Well you can’t paint with an air brush
Or spray can

I did this on a table cloth of an Italian restaurant during supernats 19. :rofl:



This is excellent work. I would race it.

I have proof that I can’t paint with an air brush, which caused me to give up airbrushing…for a while at least. :rofl:

I think of art mediums/tools this way:

  • Graphite Pencils & Charcoal = L206 (Least expensive & least hassle; just draw… right where you want to, no screwing around; maybe a little blending & erasing some highlights).

  • Colored Pencils (dry) = WF (A small step up cost & effort wise; lay down the layers - lap after lap - with few hassles & good feedback, but plan ahead to keep your highlights, or jump through hoops to do them after the fact… if you can).

  • Colored pencils (blended with solvent) / water soluble graphite of ink pencils* = KA (A step up in costs, but also a little more hassle… requires careful planning ahead, the correct paper, and the experience to know how much water to use and how things will react to, and blend with, the water).

  • Paint applied with brushes = X30 (A step up in cost - can be a little or a lot -, need to know how to color mix, layer, blend paint and manage paint consistency over time. Also need the discipline to work gradually from general -big picture- shapes toward adding the details at the end; much like chassis tuning during a weekend. :wink:

  • Airbrush = KZ or some crazy ass 250cc lay-down kart ($$$ & PITA; create/gather stencils if needed, select/install correct nozzle/needle size, thin paint to the correct consistency, turn on air compressor and test spray to set to the correct pressure. Start painting, OMG such a fantastic feeling, look at those blends :heart_eyes: … WTF happened to my beautiful spray pattern :rage:… oh, clean off the dry paint that has accumulated on the brush’s tip… and clean up the paint you spilled with trying to clean off the tip dry. Off on another fantastic lap of painting, but sputter around the last turn… pit to remove more tip dry again… repeat ad nauseam, and then replace the needle you bent when trying to remove the tip dry :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Finally, shake in your boots :grimacing:, when it’s time to negotiate the really fine lines & twisty bits).
    :rofl: :rofl:


What about crayon? 20char

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Hey buddy, sit in your trailer, shut up and be happy you have a table cloth to draw on! :rofl:
Oh, I think crayons = 206, unless you use solvents to blend them, then that would be = KA. :wink:

Crayons are actually those 1000cc go karts that do 9sec 1/4 times

That kinda reminds me of Chuck Close.