Kart Chassis for tall drivers

I’m going to start shopping around during the end of the season up north for a chassis to race in LO206 next year. I’m 6’4" and while I weight in at 270, I’m on a diet to get down to 210 to 220.

I was looking at the Margay Brava 4.15 because of the “Limo” option but I wanted to check with the forum to see what some of the other XL to XXL drivers might be running.

Thanks for the help.

We rent out 206 rental karts and we have ran the CRG 206 with a XXL Tillet seat and I have had guys very close to your size drive it. (260lbs and 6’4") I wouldn’t say an extension kit is needed but if you wanted a bit more room CRG sells “limo” kits as well

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As someone in that same size range. I’ve run a Margay Brava Limo and it worked great for me. I currently run an Arrow with their porch extension on it. I’ve had to modify a porch kit to work with other chassis as well to give me the legroom to suit me.

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Ty, which arrow do you have?

2013 X-2. It’s a shifter chassis that we removed the front brakes and shifter mechanics.

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