Kart Lift Electric Lift and Double Stacker

So I’ve decided to get an electric kart stand, but I was also in the market for some sort of double stacker. Then I came across this on the Kart Lift website in their “estore” as I guess its brand new to the market.

Anyone have one and/or recommend?

I just ordered one today. Seemed like the best of both worlds. I called Comet but they didn’t stock them, so they reached out Kart Lift and they are having them drop ship one to me. I needed something for the additonal kart I got for my daughter.

kart lift stacker

My dad owned KartLift from 2003(?) to 2019 and he designed the WinchLift and the stacker version. Lots of testing and care went into the design to address all the issues you could possibly foresee. New owners of the business are great and are doing a wonderful job cranking out a ton of product, so it appears it’s going well.

Anyway I used every variety of KartLift over the years. All good stuff, I think you’ll be happy with it. Very good tool to spend money on if you’ve got a little one or a heavy kart and you don’t want to destroy your book.

No kidding, thats fantastic that it is one of your fathers designs. Small world, lol.

Well Comet got the price down from the $1,000 advertised on the Kartlift website. Wasn’t much more than a regular electric Streeter for both the electric stand and the stacker.

Few guys at my track recommended the Kart Lift brand over the Streeter. Not that there was anything wrong with either manufacturer.

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I have one. It’s excellent, well built and solid. Would recommend.

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When you got yours, was the battery included? If not, what battery do you recommend?

It doesn’t come with a battery, I went to batteries plus and got a U1 Type battery I believe the brand is everstart. Haven’t had any problems and one charge lasts a while even when stored away

These electric lifts are a really nice luxury. I used one for a bit and it was really nice not having to find a strong looking teen every time I went to grid.


KL looks like it uses the lift as the roller for the dual stand, which is a clever way to add utility. I’m going to get a double stacker for the garage to reduce the footprint of 2 karts, & mounted 20 ft of strut channel on the ceiling to install a rolling hoist crane setup for lifting & moving the karts (& whatever else) in the garage so I can stack them myself.

I actually have an original style KL stand that uses a jacks crew instead of the roller straps that seem to commonly employed in contemporary electric stands. I also have a hitch mounted hook mount for transporting the stand on the back of a truck. I’d actually bought the stand from a friend, & the switch wound up breaking, so I called Tim up & he sent me an stronger upgrade at no cost. Great guy to deal with, & I hope he’s enjoying his retirement. His business looks to be in good hands.

I’ve been looking into buying one of these so look forward to your feedback. Interested to know how it rolls in the stacker configuration like is it easy to roll in and out of a trailer like I do now with my normal stacker? Are there provisions to strap it down with the stacker attachment on?

It’s pretty easy to maneuver. I used ratchet straps to secure the karts to the frame and never had any problems. It is quite heavy with two adult karts on it (obviously) but the only struggle is getting it up the ramp into the trailer but with two people it’s much easier. Everything else is easy to maneuver around. I also advise getting some industrial hose and splitting it down the middle and putting it around all the beams. It helps prevent scratches and it’s more grippy so its less likely the kart will slide off.

I managed to get it together right before the sun went down. A few minor observations:

  1. Powder Coat was chipped in spots. Possibably during shipping. Very minor.
  2. Assembly Instructions were pretty non existent. I need pictures or at least a sctrach n’ sniff.
  3. Shipping was really fast, which was nice for free shipping.
  4. Bottom half with the winch arrived pre assembled, minus the wheels and hooks. Which was really nice.

Overall, very happy with it. Built very well.



At some point, can you do a video of it lifting?

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It doesn’t lift with the dual stand attached. In that mode, it serves a trolley function.

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Ah so it’s motorized so you don’t have to push but you still have to lift karts up using elbow grease?

Acts just like any Streeter electric kart. The top section gets attached for transporting two karts; but it can only lift one of them, and not while the top section is affixed. Top section has to be pulled off in order to use it like any other electric Streeter.

Got it, thanks. :+1::+1::+1::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag:

Besides having a electric stand at the track. I wanted it for space concerns. Between the karts, my Willys, kids stuff, and my tools/ welding crap. My garage looks like a bomb hit Walmart, lol.

I need a shop. This is getting ridiculous . . . on this episode of hoarders! :rofl:



I see a few square feet left. Time to buy a motorcycle.


This is a reason for a dual stand.

I was interested in Fleximount, but it wouldn’t drop all the way to the floor in my garage.

That’s a really cool invention, smart idea.