Kart open trailer ideas

Good afternoon all,
Hope everyone is save and just waiting for some sort of season to start. Just got a used open 5X8 mesh floor trailer with ramp to transport my kart to the track, and looking for ideas and suggestions on what to add to make it more efficient. Photos along with suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks for the help.

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We’ve used an open trailer for about 4 years. Works great. The only downside is when it rains in the way to or from the track. If that happens it requires a little extra work to dry and lubricate the karts. Here are some pics

How much does the trailer and karts/equipment weigh all together you think? I’m still pulling with a Ford Focus right now (yes, we can chuckle at the sight) but if I can avoid investing in a truck & trailer, I can put the money elsewhere.

Here are some ballpark weights:
My kart with motor around 170lbs (no lead on kart)
Single kart stand around 45lbs, stacker stand maybe 70lbs
Air compressor around 40lbs
Tools weight would vary
Plus weight of the trailer

For what it’s worth, if I had a light mesh floor trailer and just 1 kart, I would feel comfortable pulling it with my VW Jetta (if it had a hitch setup).

I am curious to see how the Stahl family fares in their new karts. Soon.

You should have no problem towing with the focus. I tow with a Prius without much issue. I used to tow a bigger trailer with a 91 Volvo 740 Wagon (non turbo).

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You might find some ideas here as well:

Not sure if helpful but I came across a post of some guy trying to get rid of a 14x7 trailer for basically free. It’s in Nj, and could be bs. It’s in Facebook marketplace, farmingdale, nj.