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Yep, looks like the KR2 in the direct drive classes, and KR1 for the shifter classes mostly. And with the US having no homologation requirement most of the time, Dino can shift up the tubing if he feels like its worth it over here.

Even within the homologation they are only limited by the size and number of tubes, they can make changes to geometry and most wouldn’t know.

That is one of the redeeming factors of OTK, they are almost all identical.

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I was talking to the WPK guys out here in Indy. They never run seat struts, have ended up on the same axle at every track they went to, from New Castle to Daytona, and the biggest changes they make with the karts is the camber adjustment. Supposedly they’ve used up to 5 boxes of negative camber on the karts, and they usually run a lot more negative than most others. I’m not sure on the tuning for OTK equipment, but like TJ said, the baseline setups are very different between the two brands

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I’m going to be working with a junior driver who races KR down here in Australia, have spannered at a couple of race meetings for him last year, and after having seen the product up close, and reading the blurb and reviews on TKart, they seem like a pretty good product. The componentry is first class, and they have a few little nice finishing touches like welded tabs and loops for cables and things like that. Also if this is important to some people their net weight is rather light, although OTK are also quite light. Worth looking at if you have nearby dealer support etc.

Is the WPK kart an exact replica of the KR2? Can understand if that didn’t pop up in conversation lol.


Yes, you can get any KR model in metallic blue as a WPK. They’re also coming out with a 206 chassis pretty soon, they’ve been developing it over the past year or so.

But no KR3 , Dino’'s love child :sob:

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If you want me to, I could ask Billy if he can get one made

So apparently Dino is still developing the design, which is why we haven’t seen them yet. It’s been in development for probably 3 years now, but I’m sure it’s not easy to make a new design like that work. I did tell them I’ll try one out when it’s ready though.

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I’m interested in the 206 chassis since Kartsport is at GoPro.

I’m sure its a measure of resources. He’ll spend most of his resources winning races now, not developing a new kart that might win races later.

Or it doesn’t work very well but he really wants it to work and its taking time.

I imagine it’s more of a side project for him, so not top priority but probably something he’s interested in getting to work eventually.

@AaronT you could probably talk to Eric Jones about it. If I remember correctly he was on it for the CKNA Grand Nationals in CIK Medium and did pretty well

I have a KR2 but I’m far from an expert on setup. There’s a few things I want to try once Ohio’s weather starts cooperating and I’m done with this whole shoulder surgery recoup thing. I thought about making the switch to OTK but it’s hard for me to justify. The KR brakes are awesome. I love the way the caster/camber adjustments are made. Plus I think they look great. I do keep trying to either gain rear grip or decrease front grip. I haven’t quite nailed it yet. But it’s a work in progress.

Tried moving the seat yet?

I haven’t yet. That’s on the list of things to try. So far I’ve played with caster, camber, front width, rear width. I’d like to try ride height adjustments but I don’t want to go lower on either end because the track I run at isn’t exactly smooth. I’ve also thought about trying a TYCA axle with the sleeves to make some quick back to back tests.

Antonelli is running the kr3 this weekend in Adria. Qualified second overall, first in group.

Based on me stalking their Instagram…


I’m going to resurrect this post as I just hopped in a KR through WPK at the Ocala USPKS event this past weekend.

Have I ever been to Ocala before? No.
Had I ever even sat in a KR before Thursday practice? No.
Did I bite off more than I could chew? Absolutely.

However, the kart handles great out of the box. Very responsive on the front end, which is the most important factor for me in a kart chassis I like, and it plants very well through the entire corner too.

There is a massive learning curve for this kart though. The brakes were very difficult for me to get used to. It felt like they had super hard pads on the kart and I seriously underestimated how much force would be needed to get even a decent amount of deceleration into a corner. I was relying on hopes, dreams, and unicorn farts more than the brakes to get slowed down for the first couple sessions on track, and I still really didn’t get braking figured out consistently until Sunday.

Being taller I also struggled with over-jacking the kart and getting a slide at the middle of the corner. Once I got semi-comfortable with the brakes this mostly went away as the grip in the track went up as well, but I think I’m going to need to figure out a little more on how to free up the frame a little more for the other events. We’ve talked so far about adjusting the seat by either tilting it or seeing if they have a more relined back version of the Jecko to mount, and also moving to a harder axle and probably undoing some of the changes we had made to free up the kart over the weekend.

If anyone else is planning on driving one, my recommendations are: 1) be ready to stand on the brakes to get used to them, they’re almost impossible to lock up, and 2) set the camber to at least 3 boxes of negative on a sniper measuring tool, if not more. Slowly dial the camber back out of the kart as you get used to it, but it seems like most drivers struggle with how responsive the front end is at first.

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This is interesting feedback. Do other drivers report similar issues with the brakes? I’ve certainly experienced a lot variability in pedal feel from brand to brand, but not being able to lock up almost sounds indicative of a problem.

How similar was your setup to that of Jones and Eves?

Interesting to hear how responsive it was. I would’ve thought with how noodle-y those karts are it would’ve felt lazier on turn-in and rolled better off the corner.

Chase told me about the brakes right after I got off track for my first session, because I thought there was something wrong with the brakes just like you. He said that’s just how they are. I definitely can lock up the tires, I was exaggerating a bit there for effect but it’s noticeably harder than any other karts I’ve driven, except my old Haase kart brakes that actually did have a problem with the master cylinder. Kendall Hedge was under our tent as well, she agreed with Chase that the brakes just fell really hard. Race Liberante knew what I was talking about, I guess he’s driven a KR before, but he said they were his favorite brakes he’s ever used.

I don’t know what setup Braden was on, but Chase and I ended up on the same setup come Sunday. Chase is about 5 inches shorter than I am, so I’m thinking that’s why I wanted to free the kart more while he was happy with where it was at that point.


Yeah it caught me off guard a bit initially, I had the same assumption as you where it would be lazier on turn in. I was really surprised at how much of a complete package the kart is, since it was still rolling out of the corners really well too.