Kart stand?

This is the kart stand parking lot during a practice session at our club.

That IM semi-auto kart stand looks good. And a $50 flat rate shipping fee in the lower 48. And it only weighs 65lbs and folds for transportation on the kart trailer! Thanks for that link. That’s my fave so far.

There’s a few one man mechanical stands. I think stone is one brand.

No tracks I’ve been to allow you to drive to the grid during a race. I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t use a stand as well. Makes it super easy to move, maneuver, and work on your kart. It’s a MUST have.

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speaking of kart stands, anyone have a cheap one for sale? I live in Rochester hills MI
thanks all

I just got back into karting myself and when I looked for a kart stand I knew I needed 2 things. Since I’m on my own I needed to be able to load/lift the kart by myself if needed and the kart stand needed to be light and be able to be taken apart in case I just want to load up the back of the truck for a quick practice day. I ultimately went with the stiletto stand from Italkart and it’s been great. I highly recommend it.

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That looks great. How much does it weigh? Didn’t see it on the site…
It DOES come apart for flat transport, right?

I have the black one man stand…It is okay but I will mention a few things.

Yes it does come apart and the weight is similar or less than other stands. It works as advertised but…

This stand will require you to lift your kart in the front and pivot on the rear bumper. While it is a one man operation cordinating lifting and then positioning the stand can be a little tricky.

The small front wheel suck for gravel, if you have uneven ground or a lot of gravel in your pit this may not work for you.

The large tires are low quality, I had a tire split and others that have another version of this stand have experienced the same issue. I am looking to retofit neverflat wheels.

I would not transport a kart on this stand as it is a little flimzy and flexs.

For the money its not a bad deal.

I appreciate the frank review! Maybe the one with the hand crank lift IS better for me…