What kind of stand do you suggest?


(Chenwei Liu) #1

Hello everyone. I expect that I will go to track alone since none of my friends or relatives are into go-karting. Therefore, I have to transport my kart myself. I’ve been scrolling through amazon and eBay trying to find an one-man kart stand. But they cost way too much (like $600~800 and they are not even electric). Is there any cheap one-man stand (below $500) or any other ways to transport a kart? Or I really have to convince someone else to hit the track with me?

(Bryan Williams ) #2

Where are you located? I have a buddy in So. Cal selling a nice used one man stand. No electric, has shocks to assist lift.

(Mike Lyda) #3

A stand doesn’t really wear out. Decent used electric stands pop up for $400-500. Buy one, use it a few years and it’s still worth $300-400. Cost of ownership is well worth it.

(Chenwei Liu) #4

I am in the Bay Area. I guess I won’t get one right away since I’m still in the process of saving money. But thank you so much for your information. Is there any good brands that I can consider?

(Chenwei Liu) #5

I see. But there’s not a lot of used ones for sale. I guess it’s all about luck to find one online.

(Mike Clark) #6

Take a look at:
Stone Evolution Lift Kart Stand

(TJ Koyen) #7

Check out the KartLift line-up. They’ve got a few different models and are a long-standing member of the karting community. One-man stands are their bread and butter.


(Andy Kutscher) #8

While not ideal you can get a kart on and off of a “regular” streeter stand if you tip the whole assembly up so that the kart sits on it’s rear bumper then pull the stand out from under it. It’s not fun but it can be made to work.

(Matt Martin) #9

You can catch me doing this at the track, and sometimes spilling fuel everywhere…

(Robert) #10

I am in the same boat, as I am always going at it alone. I could not bring myself to spend what the electric lifts cost. After a bit of research I started looking for the Stone one person lift stand. Found a used one for $200. Have not tried it yet as I’m waitong on my kart to be built by my local shop.

(Chenwei Liu) #11

Thank you very much!

(Chenwei Liu) #12

Thank you for your information!

(Chenwei Liu) #13

i never tried but I think getting the kart on the stand is easy. But how do you get it down?

(Ron Kujawa) #14

I do this too, but I did two things to make it easier.

  1. I added u-bolts to the top cross bar of the stand closest to the rear of the kart. When the kart is tilted up and I slide the stand under, the u-bolts hook the chassis and keep things more stable.

  2. I use a ratchet strap to hold the top cross bar and the bottom of the stand so the stand can’t fold up. This helps when the kart is tilted up and I have to roll the stand under, and pick the front end of the stand up to tilt the bottom down to hook the kart.

I hope that makes sense. I can try to get photos or video if needed.

(Dom Callan) #15

There’s a fella that uses one of these at etown. Can confirm it works.

(Kenny Schmied) #17

Didn’t realize you were going at it alone, so my suggestions above were moot :slight_smile:

(Victor) #18

Yes, please! Thank you!

(Ron Kujawa) #19

(Victor) #20

Thank you! Looks super simple.

(Chenwei Liu) #21

Thank you for your pictures. I know it’s simple to get the kart on the stand. How difficult is it to get it down?