Kart Tyre Temperature Data

(Nik Goodfellow) #21

I started designing a system that would work with the mychron 5V input channels, but they came out with their own so i gave it up.

The Dakton system that tonykart own can do it too. As @KartingIsLife mentioned there was an article about Ardigo holding back one race to manage the temperatures then coming through to win the race later.

I helped someone a couple of years ago come with the custom data channels in Racestudio to measure tire temperature but only when LatG was over 0.25, they didn’t want it when the kart wasn’t cornering. They then moved the baseline (0) to the optimum tire temperature so the driver saw a XX degree below or above the optimum and could modify their driving accordingly in real time.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #22

My .02 cents on that is most ‘grassroots’ folks would complain that the sensor technology would be too expensive for karting, and then it just felt into this black hole, where no one really picked it up yet.

(Matt Martin) #23

I think you’re right and that it generally is too expensive in it’s current form. Though, i expect that in 2-3 this will be pretty common on regionally competitive karts.

(Ted Hamilton) #24

On a semi-related note, I was considering developing foam inserts to be used instead of air pressure to keep tread presures around 12 psi equivalency…this would prevent tire growth due to temp increase. In fact, rims could be developed that would actually pump air through and cool tires… This would be a bit easier to accomplish on the dirt oval world where psi’s are around 5-7psi. The key would be ensuring consistent contact patch…

(Lee Swindell) #25

Interesting. You going to try it?

(Lee Swindell) #26


The temp delta function sounds incredibly useful.

What does the driver say about the system having raced it for a while?

(Nik Goodfellow) #27

I believe the kid “retired” from motorsport before he used it for any significant amount of time.

(TJ Koyen) #28


Battery died on my temp gun before the first session so didn’t get any data. Plus, not sure you’d want any of my data from this weekend… :grimacing::joy:

(James McMahon) #29

It could be a delta of “you don’t what this”