Kart Vinyl

Design Fee: £51 (About $79 USD)
Cost to have it made: £129 (About $189 USD)

You pay the design fee only if its something they’ve never made before. But after they make it, its saved to your account, so if you reorder the same thing there is no design fee.

New lipstick on the ole pig (mine, circa 2017). Her cadet kart is brand spanking new. I’m a sucker for TB, Kawasaki, and/or Mountain Dew GREEN! :rofl:

My new vinyl by Jake Designs.
Her vinyl is OEM from TB Kart. (Notice the difference in the green color; colour if you’re Canadian)

Serviced, double stacked, and ready for the next one! :+1:




Do you folks use packing tape on the seams to protect against the vynal seperating at the seams?

Heat gun to set the adhesive is all we do.

If you have good vinyl and apply it to a nice clean surface, it shouldn’t need the seams taped.

If you’re going to put something over your vinyl to help, make sure you use something better than packaging tape.

I use helicopter tape to help hold on my little cut vinyl “graphics”. Like stated above, never needed anything on actual graphics, though.


I’m just worried about corners/seams lifting if they get dirt in there.

Also worth mentioning, my wife recommended using Lemon oil for removing stuff from vinyl, and it works awazing on scuffs and for removing tire rubber from vinyl.

My wife does alot of craft stuff on a small scale using her vinyl cutting machine. So it was her sugguestion but my lord its works well on kart vinyl.

You’ll have the competition smelling refreshed!

Safer and smells much better than acetone :+1:

There’s a guy at my club who has nuclear grade duct tape. Literally nuclear grade. He also has lead tape, that’s pretty much lead with glue. The role probably weighs 20 pounds.

You got any defense subcontracting up your way? Sounds like a rocket scientist with a kart or something.

Dude. New England makes all the missiles. Raytheon, Lockheed, UTC, Boeing.