Kart Vinyl

Wow. Their prices seem pretty reasonable. Nice color choices too. Chrome colors!? Cool!

Curious to hear what Kart David’s prices are, as I’ve heard good things about them.

The price I paid from Jake Designs was broken up into a design fee and then the cost of the actually making it:

Design Fee: £51 (About $79 USD)
Cost to have it made: £129 (About $189 USD)

$189 isn’t bad as it included the shipping across the pond from Europe to the US. Hopefully if I order from them again, I don’t have to pay the design fee over again so long as I go with the same design.

That’s less than an already made DR sticker kit…

Wow, really, wasn’t aware of that. :+1:

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I’m a beginner to say the least and I had this kart built. I’m thinking about having wrapped solid silver to match my pickup and then go from there. You guys have any thoughts?

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Should be cool! 20 characters

Sounds like fun. Don’t see metallic colors often.

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My wife got a cricut cutter for her business. I’m a designer so I went to town with some white vinyl. Inspired by Red Bull’s winter test livery from a few years ago. Very tedious application…. Don’t know how it’ll hold up on the track… but it looks fun for now :joy:


That’s awesome! Mule kart!

Cricut for the win! I did the same thing with my wife’s Cricut (albeit a much simpler design).


Questions…When you guys the machine to cut out your vinyl, is each color separate and then you combine it during application? Also, do you add a exterior layer of clear vinyl to protect the design and keep it from peeling or getting marked up?

So my numbers are “printable vinyl” with a layer of clear protective lamination applied to the top. My white design is all “permanent vinyl.” That is just white vinyl that is supposed to hold up to outdoor use. We will see if that includes rubbing tires…

I did numbers in the permanent vinyl last year and they held up fine, no peeling. But obviously they were a lot less intricate. I’m a little worried about the tiny little pin-stripping sized areas peeling off with contact.

Hey Greg,

You usually use a base color and then print colors on top. If you have a large printer you just print everything in one file (including the numbers). Here is a print for the showdown race at PKRA. A play on the movie Raising Arizona and the rising sun livery.

This was a black base and color on top

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I do not own a printer. Only a vinyl cutter. Mine is individual cut colors (hence the limitations in design intricacy). For comparison to above, my numbers are black permanent vinyl layered on top of white permanent vinyl.

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A couple of years ago, I tried my hand at printing Number Panels and Name Panels on printable vinyl. It was the kind you get at Office Supply store for labels. I had read that most home inkjet printers were prone to smearing on multi-color print jobs when doing large color coverage and burned through ink very quickly. I have access to a laser printer at work and decided to use it instead. They came out okay. There was some coverage consistency issues in a few spots for the yellow-gold background on the number panels. The name panels looked great (less color coverage). I wish I had thought of covering them with a clear vinyl. I found after a couple of races the ink was getting smeared from contact with tires. I think a different vinyl would do better as well.

I have to show my parents this. Their all time favorite movie

As a Gen Xer like your folks I concur that Raising Arizona was a cultural watershed moment. Back to karting…

How much for the graphics