Kart Vinyl

Someone cooler than me. I did painstakingly make a Thomas the tank engine costume by hand from cardboard for my son once, though.

I did the install myself on the graphics,I do hi end detailing so perfection comes naturally but at a time consuming pace.Thiscis what I’m working on now

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Nice! Fancy cars should shine.

$300 does sound like a lot, but as a designer and a guy who occasionally does decals, those $300 kits usually have some pretty hefty laminate on them to keep them looking nice, and they don’t get beat up as much as some cheaper kits. Plus, it is a fair bit of time to design and produce a decal kit.

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I’ll take my karts over any of these.

My vinyls have 3m PPF vinyl over them

I have a nice sports car (which I got before karting). It’s funny but I agree with you. I’d much rather have a garage full of karts and engines.

My car is too oretty to track, really. It’s also got 430hp which is way more than I can ever use, outside of the track. So, it’s pointless. I want to lean into the turns and see what she’s got, but I can’t for obvious liability reasons.

I was driving on the highway and these 4 muscle cars/ street racer cars came weaving through the traffic with a speed differential of probably 40mph over limit. They were racing each other in the dumbest, most selfish, and incredibly dangerous way. I thought, what these fucking morons need is a shifter kart, a track, and some humble pie.

I am confused as to why people think being a public menace is racing or cool.

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After finally getting the shifter brakes to where I like them,playing around I realized how insane these will be

I just used clear tape on my bodywork. The complex curves in the front bumper were challenging to work with.

You guys are using PPF on karts? How much is that running?

That is a really nice looking Kart

Speeding (as in 95+) can be safe on an empty highway, but the people who “race” through traffic are dangerous idiots.

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I’ll post a pic when I can finish building it.

Yeah. I managed to get my 1983 Honda Civic hatchback to 93mph in Nevada before lifting. The car was not planted at all at that speed.

Bear in mind this is not a current Honda. These things were econoboxes.

My dad drove his 67 Chevelle at over 100 a few times. He said the car felt like it was floating, shaking, and skating. Meanwhile in our suv at those speeds it feels fine

" told me I’ll be lucky to last 15 minutes before I’m exhausted"

True that!! And yeah, rib protector required!

DUDE! Nice job to have!! Gotta love a McClaren!

Ordering new vinyl from Jake Designs. Asked for the OEM decal set which they didn’t have, so they are building one based on the OEM design. Plus they had to tweek it to accomidate my modified aero. I got my kart used as a roller with no vinyl, so for some dorky reason I’m kinda looking forward to getting these, even if I know I’ll tear them up at some point.

Can’t afford a new kart, so I’ll try to put lipstick on the ole’ pig.


there work is awesome just ordered replica 2016 birel art ones for my older shifter kart to finsih rebuilding it before I sell it , now getting them to make some what custom ones for my 2021 birel art kz

Jake Designs looks good. I’ve used Kart David before with good results.