Karting Boots

Hi, for the last two years I’ve been using a pair of Alpinestars Tech 1-K boots. Unfortunately they’ve started to give out right where the left foot rubs against the brake pedal. I’m considering getting the latest Tech 1-KX boot, which should be a step up from my current boots, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them.

I’ve also considered the highest end Tech 1-KZ boot, however I couldn’t see any difference other than the design between the KX and KZ models to justify the price. Other than Alpinestars, I am also considering the Adidas XLT boots in gold, however I’m guessing that the gold colour wouldn’t look too good for too long. Finally, I also considered getting Aplinestars nomex shoes, since if they’re anything like their gloves, they’ll last way longer than their karting shows.

If anyone has any suggestions on any of these options, I would really appreciate it.


One of the kids I race with uses wrestling shoes instead. More or less same thing, less expensive. Just to add another option in the mix.


I’ve run an old pair of Simpson SFI 3.3/5-rated shoes that I had lying around from my drifting/car racing days - the new version of those is about $100usd. They’ve been ok; but I have a pair of alpinestars Tech1-K boots on order for this year as the Simpsons are finally about worn through

I’ve used the offerings from Alpinestars, Adidas, and FreeM over the past several years.

The Alpinestars fell apart in less than a season.
The Adidas were really nice, durable, and comfy, and the gold still looks badass even after a few years of abuse.
The FreeM have been really comfy and durable as well, but the sole is thicker so I didn’t have as much pedal feel as the Adidas.

If I were to buy another pair today, I would probably go for the Adidas ones again.


Wrestling shoes tend have thin soles which can give you more pedal feel if that is what you are looking for. They also tend to be lighter than most racing shoes. Just my two cents.

Thanks for all the replies! I’ll have a look at wrestling shoes, however I’m not sure if there are any specific regulations at my track on which shoes are allowed.

@tjkoyen I am really starting to consider the Adidas since they seem to be the best overall shoe. Still not sold on the gold though, and the black shoes look a bit like regular sneakers. Thanks for the suggestion!

I’m really happy with my gold adidas. I have 3 seasons on them and they are still holding up. I would definitely buy them again.

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I’ve been really happy with my Sparco Omega KB-6 Kart Boots which were reasonably priced I thought for how nice they are.

I just looked up eastbay for wrestling shoes out of curiosity. I could definitely see value in some of those particularly for feel and price.

I used some Adidas wrestling shoes when I first started racing as well, and they looked cool, worked well, and I think they were like $12 on sale.

On the topic of shoes/boots; are karting and car racing boots differ only on fire protection?
I purchased a pair of “Sparco Omega KB-6 WP Water Resistant Kart Boots” and it’s built completely with a different philosophy to my 15yrs old Puma for formula racing and wrestling shoes.

The KB-6 has the thickness of a 90’s basketball hi-top and a toe of a Timberland work boots. Is this for protection in the context of a karting accident vs car?

Bottom line, if someone runs over my toe with their rear tire in the pitlane. I would be screaming in the Puma and wrestling shoe, while I probably wouldn’t mind in the Sparco.

@Mailman Is this how your KB-6 is, or is it because I have the weatherproof version?

I believe car shoes would be thicker because of the nomex etc. Sounds like yours are different though. Mine are pretty supple.

Hi @Mailman,
Thanks for the quick reply. While I have you here. Here is what it looks like from the top, as you can see, it’s a bit beefy shoe. Is your KB-6’s silhouette similar?

I don’t see an image.

Image here on Google Drive.

Yours look slightly more bulky, but not dramatically so. Mine are a bit longer so look different.

That might be the waterproof material as I have non WP KB-6 boots and their toe caps are thin like any others boots’.

And to revive an old thread, has anyone had experience with OMP’s KS-1R? Would love to hear your impressions…

Yea mate, I love mine KS-1Rs. They’re comfortable, hold together pretty well and the rotor system means no laces which just removes the frustration of laces going everywhere which is something I had a problem with when i was using Sparco KB-7s

Thanks for the info. Yeh, laces can be annoying. How do the OMPs compare to your old Sparcos on pedal feel? What are the heels like?

I’m eyeing off the KS-1Rs or Sparco K-Skids that are bit over half the price.

Haven’t worn the sparco’s in a while so this could just be recency bias but I feel I prefer the KS over the sparco’s for comfort and feel

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I really want to try a set of these from zamp, no laces for quick in and out.