Karting Chains

My chain I have now is a 219 chain with 51 links. I have an 125 iame leopard engine. I just want to know is there any advantages of drawbacks to adding or using a chain with less links. I only ask because I am going to get a 52 link, I saw other chains with more links. I just wanted to know does it matter or no.

The length matters in a couple ways, first in the weight displacement of the engine, ie if the chain is longer the engine will be farther forward Putting more weight in the middle of the chassis, if the chain is short the engine will sit back and there will be more weight in the back. It’s a small difference but in my experience it can effect the handling of the kart. You also have to consider what sprocket your running, one with more teeth will need a longer chain, one with less teeth will use a shorter chain. You can always get a chain cutter instead of buying new chains if your in a pinch, I’ve never run #419’s, I use a #219 on my X30 so I can’t really give a lot of advice on #419 but in general the information stated above applies to all chains.

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Not familiar with a 419 chain. Probably 99.9% of TAG karts run a 219 chain. Link wise you will normally be in the 100-106 range.

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Do you mean 219 chain with 104 links? Weight distribution change is minor as far as moving the engine is concerned. I generally make a chain length decision depending on the range of gears I might use.


428 maybe? That is used with shifter karts or possibly your 125.


Friend’s don’t let friends drive DID chains lol

I meant 219 my bad I put 4 by accident

How are they bad, do they just explode lol

Thanks this is what I wanted to know couldn’t really find any info in what these changes do

I meant 219 I typed the wrong chain pitch my mistake

I meant 219 my bad and it’s a 102 split into two chains.

To be a 51 link i bought it used so i didn’t know what chain to get or what difference it made

No explode, lol. back years ago in dirt bike daze, DID brand just stretched so much , gave up on them, went back to RK.

Your chain needs to be tight but not too tight, so based on where your engine is mounted, you’ll need a chain of a certain length. If the engine is just fine where it is, just buy a chain of the same length. Otherwise, buy a longer chain and a chain breaker tool so you can change the length to whatever you want.

I have a few chains for different size sprockets. The engine can only move forward or aft so much, sometimes you gotta put a bigger chain if you have to use a big sprocket.

Do u guys run O-Ring chains? If so why… it made sense on a dirt bike…
It was Rule of thumb they suck more power from the motor. Just curious. Otoh. They didn’t stretch much.

Higher power engines like an X30, usually yes I run an o-ring for durability. You can run a hardened or non-o-ring on a them but you’ll be changing chains more often.

Anything lower than 125cc and it’s not needed, just dragging the engine down at that point.

Supposedly, there is no difference in rolling resistance once the chain is heated up on track between an o-ring and non-o-ring chain. I guess in Europe they run o-rings on the 60cc cadets even. I’ve never bothered with them, but I’ve seen both on KA karts without a noticeable difference apparently.

Good to know. When I installed new o ring chains on my bike it definitely felt…stiff lol.