Karting Fitness

I know this question maybe asked before, but I was wondering what I can do to improve my fitness in karting. Main thing is probably my neck, since I recently raced this weekend and my neck was absolutely shredded at the end of the races. Would also like to know if cycling or running is probably better for karting cardio wise. Also any other tips would be greatly appreciated

Best karting exercise is karting.

We have a place here in Indy called Elite Performance that has a Karting workout program that focuses on karting specific problems. Zach there is most likely is available to make you a program to address your concerns and get you in top shape if you want to look them.uo on Facebook.

Will definitely look at this, however I’ve had a couple people say I should buy a lighter helmet for 2 stroke karting to reduce the strain on my neck. I currently use a motorcycle helmet so I was wondering if this is something that makes a big difference

A lighter helmet will help on the neck but it’s not a full solution.


Between cycling and running, I’d say do whatever you think you’re more likely to stick to. If that’s a mix then go for that.

For neck there’s lots of exercises out there, simplest one is to lay on a bed with your head hanging off the end… you can do static or move against the force as you wish.

I’ve found having flexibility to be beneficial, so work on those stretches too.

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Started karting mid 40s and I’d say it took my neck the first half of the first season of x30 to catch up. However, ever since then, I can race a rental or lo206 indefinitely, neck-wise.

Maybe 4-6 race weekends was my neck adjustment. Other than that, I did a touch of cardio, basically being able to run at a decent clip for 15-20 mins (sprint heat length). I also did some basic stuff like push-ups, sit-ups, curls. 15 mins max. 3x week. Eventually got lazy when kart-fit. Now just rely on being skinny and used to it.

No specific neck exercises, just karting, basically. Save helmet money, imho. Use it for seat time, problem solved!

Try this neck planking to strenghten your neck. Or

Pulling the opposite direction, can be done with a towel too.