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I know this question maybe asked before, but I was wondering what I can do to improve my fitness in karting. Main thing is probably my neck, since I recently raced this weekend and my neck was absolutely shredded at the end of the races. Would also like to know if cycling or running is probably better for karting cardio wise. Also any other tips would be greatly appreciated

Best karting exercise is karting.

We have a place here in Indy called Elite Performance that has a Karting workout program that focuses on karting specific problems. Zach there is most likely is available to make you a program to address your concerns and get you in top shape if you want to look them.uo on Facebook.

Will definitely look at this, however I’ve had a couple people say I should buy a lighter helmet for 2 stroke karting to reduce the strain on my neck. I currently use a motorcycle helmet so I was wondering if this is something that makes a big difference

A lighter helmet will help on the neck but it’s not a full solution.


Between cycling and running, I’d say do whatever you think you’re more likely to stick to. If that’s a mix then go for that.

For neck there’s lots of exercises out there, simplest one is to lay on a bed with your head hanging off the end… you can do static or move against the force as you wish.

I’ve found having flexibility to be beneficial, so work on those stretches too.


Started karting mid 40s and I’d say it took my neck the first half of the first season of x30 to catch up. However, ever since then, I can race a rental or lo206 indefinitely, neck-wise.

Maybe 4-6 race weekends was my neck adjustment. Other than that, I did a touch of cardio, basically being able to run at a decent clip for 15-20 mins (sprint heat length). I also did some basic stuff like push-ups, sit-ups, curls. 15 mins max. 3x week. Eventually got lazy when kart-fit. Now just rely on being skinny and used to it.

No specific neck exercises, just karting, basically. Save helmet money, imho. Use it for seat time, problem solved!

Try this neck planking to strenghten your neck. Or

Pulling the opposite direction, can be done with a towel too.

Thanks for the recommendation mate.

I concur what James said above about the hanging your head off the end of a bed.

Pop your helmet on, and do some neck rotations to help build neck strength. Also try having someone put some force against your helmet while stationary and that will help build some endurance.


Basketball or Ultimate is good training for karting.

Bootty Boot Camp gets my vote, rofl.

That’s a clever name indeed

On the subject of fitness, nutrition is my specialty. One thing I commonly see in racers is too much protein before a race, which can make you very ill. Protein is very heavy on your stomach. I tell any athlete <20g of protein 3 hours before an event. Carbs carbs and carbs before an event. I know this isn’t really fitness but it’s one thing I see a lot of people do wrong, protein bars and protein shakes right before a race are a recipe for disaster. Cereal bars, pasta, oatmeal, wheat toast, all perfect fuel. And of course proper hydration. You do not need hydration drinks if you are properly hydrated with water days before and during your event.


I’ve reached the stage in life where I’m starting to be more concerned about keeping weight on. Turns out it’s not as simple as “just eat more”. But, but I don’t wanna!

This is why I eat a full order of biscuits and gravy along with a breakfast sandwich when I’m racing at NCMP (IYKYK). “Proper nutrition” so I’m glad to hear you have my back on that lol

Peak bulk last year I was eating ~7000 cals a day. went up over 50 pounds in 4 months. Worst i’ve ever felt, and very incorrect way of gaining weight. Now i sit at about 4000 cals a day to gain weight. but still very hard to get in 4000 especially on long work days.

as long as you can keep ur breakfast in ur body and not in ur helmet ur good to go

I HATE you!!! :cry:
20 extra pounds

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Well Warren, we can trade mental maladies… I smoke too much weed (appetite suppressant) and I’m on ADD meds now (appetite suppressant). And my stomach shrunk a lot.

Looking at food can make me feel nauseous. It kind of sucks. But, I have a flat belly which doesn’t happen at 50+ typically.

I can sort of relate. I did have a buddy in college that was into the gym so I gym ratted with him for a bit and got swole. It was sort of cool but once I stopped all the muscles went poof. I didn’t do it for sport, just to build body. It’s a lifetime commitment, being muscular.

Being skinny and rangy is easier. Once you get used to starving, it’s not starving. Also we are less tasty and full of gristle so less likely to be predated than the fleshy and well-formed fellow. Lighter, quicker, etc. (I worry more about skinny aggressive dudes than big guys). That’s my logic. Karting just made it easier for me to commit to being truly indifferent about food.

So what about ‘the munchies’ is that an urban legend?
Joking aside, good health to you and yours!

It does make your sensory stuff go off so taste/sound are heightened. So yes, but also no. Most folks will get munchies. I do not and according to internet, I’m not alone.

A different cannabinoid called Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) has apparent appetite suppressing effects. Rodent studies have shown that THCV is able to decrease appetite, increase satiety, and increase energy metabolism. This may make it instrumental in weight loss, for obesity, and the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Given the success of the diabetes drug (wegovy?) as a weight loss thing, I am sure we will be seeing weed based nutritional stuff soon.