Karting in all 50 States: Where Should I Race Next?

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At the start of the year, I made a written goal for myself to complete a race in all 50 states (shameless plug: follow the journey on my Instagram @jdittrich21). I got home from the Machismo 12 Hour on Sunday and I’ve been trying to think of where to go next. I’m not on a time crunch, just fitting races into my schedule where I can. And states where karting doesn’t exist, I’d settle in for any sort of auto racing to have it count. I’d really appreciate getting some recommendations on where to race next to complete more of my list. Below is what I’ve completed so far, shaded in red.

And yes, one of the Vegas events is my plan for Nevada :laughing:

Map updated February 28, 2024:


USPKS will be at Road America in July, which is always a cool venue. Could knock Wisconsin out.

Can it be any kind of karting incl indoors/rentals?

Yes, but I’m trying to make it so that position-based racing serves as a requirement, e.g. league nights are fine

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I’m curious to see how you fare in Montana and Wyoming. I was thinking about this very idea the other day. You have many years to complete the list.

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NO- Cup Karts South Will be at NOLA motorsports May 13-15. Seems like a cool venue. I’d like to get there sometime.

VA-Endurance Karting does races at VIR, procupkarting.com

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Where did you race in NH?

Come on up to East Lansing, Michigan! We run 206 and TaG, both Seniors and Masters.

Massachusetts is difficult now that X1 is closed, and Rhode Island and Maine never had tracks.


OK - OKC in Norman. Very nice track when I was there in 2009.

WI - Definitely the repaved Road America is very good and fun but still my all time fav track in the whole world is Shawano around Green Bay.

IA - Is Marshalltown still around?

UT - Definitely the track that used to be called Miller near SLC.

LA - no question, NOLA.

AZ - the track in Phoenix is pretty good.

WV - Summit Point with the Woodbridge Kart Club


Bring your big boy pants for the road racing stuff.


WA - Tri City Kart Club in Richland, WA

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WA - come join us again under the Huggler tent! Running PGP this winter and then ICP picks up in Tri City in April.

Awesome idea mate. Can’t help coz I am UK based. Maybe make a ceremonial visit to the Rose Bowl? That’d be a nice touch

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I raced at Canaan a few years back with the OVRP team

@Charles_Kaneb Yeah, RI will have to settle for an R1 indoor event and for Maine, I’ll have to probably go oval racing or something, but it counts!

@MarcusM117 Ahhh, you and Sebastian both keep egging me on to come back, it sounds like I have no choice :joy:

@Alan_Dove I’ve actually been trying to work my way into a Club 100 race, but it’s been tough since they’ve been sold out for ages. I want to get a taste for it in the UK too!
That aside, the Rose Bowl was supposedly the birth place of karting, right? I was just in LA last weekend too, I wish I’d remembered :confused:

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So in MN, Stockholm Karting Center is the only option for “competition” Karting. Luckily it’s a really good facility.

If you end up in MN in winter we could try and do something on ice :smiley:

In some states you’re only option is gonna be dirt oval. I think Montana is one example, probably the dakotas too.

Do you remember which layout you did?
People have mixed feelings on that track. Didn’t know OVRP people went up there. Was it for a race?

It was for a club race, I’ll let the video speak for itself!

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0:14 foreshadowing a theme that will repeat itself 28 times over the next 15 minutes, Justin gets decisively passed by the entire field consisting of middle aged men.

If you decide to come to East Lansing, definitely shoot for the Bobby Haun Memorial Race, we had an incredible turn out this year with an LO206 Sr field of 24 drivers!

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Funky track. It’s a shame you didn’t get to use the chicane. We’re you on x30 or rotax?

@KartingIsLife Surprisingly, there is a kart track by Helena.

More of a make shift track at the airport. Came across video of it a few years ago.

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