Karting in all 50 States: Where Should I Race Next?

If you run CKNA you can hit a ton of places, not sure whats on the hit list for the north division, but here in the south division you’d hit two in north Florida (Jacksonville and Monticello) as well as Charlotte and New Orleans. :+1:

CKNA is a great circuit, it draws some of the fastest Lo206’s in the country. I know the last one I ran had folks from west coast travel to Florida to compete. The Florida boys and Georgia boys are stupid fast, as their weather allows for alot of seat time year round.

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Don, your thinking of Montana Karting Association in Helena, MT. We already have our schedule up at http://montanakarting.com

Justin, we run Tag and Shifter, but we try and accommodate anyone. If your just going through, I bet I can find a Kart for you to tear up the track.


If timing ever works when I get out there I’m going to try and get to the track. Family in Great Falls and Ronan.


Let me know if your in the area Don, same offer goes for you man. It’s a rough track, but sure beats the alternative. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t checked CKNA’s schedule, but if they roll down to NOLA, I might be convinced! I’ve already completed FL and NC, so I’m trying to focus on states I haven’t run in yet.

@crafty That would be awesome, I’ll definitely try to get in touch as the dates get closer, but I’d really love to come race an X30 or shifter there! I’m actually in the process of trying to get a Rok shifter package together, so hopefully I won’t totally suck when the time comes :joy:

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I very carefully considered everyone’s responses, so I decided I’ll be racing at Buckmore Park for their first Club 100 event of 2022, as suggested by literally no one here.

Anyone familiar with good London hotels?


Chatham’s a long way from London! @Alan_Dove may have some idea about alternatives to camping at the campsite down the street from Buckmore Park.

It seems like Victoria to Chatham is pretty manageable by train (45 minutes), so I’m not too stressed about going back and forth

Well now that you are doing club 100 and have expanded to intl, may I suggest Idube in South Africa?

A little update/advertising for a teammate:

  • Planning to race in Phoenix, AZ for the 4-hour 206 event at PKRA on April 2, so if anyone wants to pair up and take it on together, that’d be neat

  • @crafty says he’ll hook me up with ticking off Montana at their airport circuit. Is June 11 something we can do? And you know anyone who can hook me up with the Kart Idaho 206 enduro at the end of October?

  • @Charles_Kaneb @Mike_taylor Can you guys hook me up for the Memorial Race in July?

  • Hoping to hit UMC for their club race in early July in KA, plus the Padholder’s Cup race at SIMA the first weekend of August

Anyone offering sponsorship dollars? :sweat_smile:

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Call Kevin Haun (517) 282-9387 and ask about the Memorial Race. He’s the president of the track and is probably going to build a 206 kart for me to race the month before.

For Washington I would suggest the Saturday night shootout over the race at sima. Sima track is ok. Shootout under the lights is amazing

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Did you work out doing the Buckmore Club 100 race? I wouldnt take the train. Theres frankly 10s (maybe 100s) of hotels close by.

Anyway for other States:
WA - TCKC (go for the Saturday Night Shootout in August). They just extended the track, looks fantastic.
ID - Kart Idaho near Boise have the Spud Cup in September.

TCKC was my first choice, but I have to direct at GoPro during the Shootout unfortunately.

I’m gonna write up a short briefing about my Club 100 experience, but it was pretty sweet!


If you’re looking to race in California, I would race with Tri-C Karters in Southern CA. Tri-C turn out is pretty good 150 entries in Feb 2022 race and it’s reasonably low key (Free donuts and coffee in the morning and some free afternoon snack). Both LO206 and KA100 classes are available in Senior and Masters with turnouts of 15 to 20 karts. As far as rentals, you should be able find a 206 rental but the KA rental might be expensive but not as available. Here’s a link to their site. Tri-C Karters - Southern California Kart Racing

Justin, let me do a little shoe work and see if we can get you a ride. I think June 11 is probably doable tho.


Number 18 coming up in June thanks to @crafty :sunglasses:


SIMA, up north at the US-Canada border in Sumas, WA, just off SR-9.


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I plan to be up there for Padholder’s Cup in August!

What class? I’ll have to be there to hunt you down.