Karting in all 50 States: Where Should I Race Next?

Probably 206 Senior, my wallet’s gonna be hurting if I do anything else since I’d like to race in MI the week before

That’s Montana and Utah complete, bringing the total to 19! Heading up to Vermont next week, hoping to hit Rhode Island this month too.


Nice, where did you go in Montana. I was under the belief that there is only one or two dirt tracks there and no pavement?

Montana Karting Association runs out of Helena Airport, it’s a small NKA club, but everyone was awesome. Can thank @crafty for getting me hooked up after some… gremlins, we’ll call it :joy:


What is left on the list? Msquared livery is dope! Maybe you will inspire a euro to hit all the nations there.

I just updated the map at the top of the thread for you

Will you resort to dirt oval for some states?

New Mexico, Montana etc. places that seem devoid of smol vehicle tracks?

Googled New Mexico karting. Is grim.

Too bad they don’t have more track to work with, still pretty amazeballs that there’s a club there at all.

if you haven’t raced in Florida. Come race with us at 103rd street in Jacksonville, Florida. we run shifters, TAGS and LO206 classes.

For what it’s worth, the track they had set up was pretty gnarly. I’d run it again

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That looks like a handful.

I just switched the video to the dry lap, the turn at the top of the hill was tricky, but otherwise not too bad

Long course and the opening bit is unusual.

You can take care of Michigan with a trip to East Lansing, and Vermont with a trip to Vermont Shifter Karts.

I’m not seeing you on the entry list. Did you have to bow out of Sumas?

I tried reaching out to the e-mail on the website for the Memorial Race, but never got a response back.

Funny enough, I actually end up going there a few weeks ago with a friend. Never got around to updating this post:

Yeah, the flight prices spiked when I looked and between my races in Vermont, Utah, and Montana, it would’ve hurt my wallet more than I was comfortable with. Hoping to hit the Shootout at TCKC next year if I can

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If ya wait a month to do MI than I could join you in east lansing

At the end you’ll have to rate all the tracks you’ve raced at

What did you think of the competition in NH?

It was packed. 22 entries each in TaG & 206 Sr. Shifters had 15 & 12 in light & heavy.

I posted here about the place being flooded last winter, but they recovered, & made some improvements in the rebuild.

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Shootout is worth the trip. Especially next year since more track improvements are planned


I think you need to race the Lonestar GP at Speedsportz and try to take $500 off Alan.