Karting Memes and Funnies

Rally drivers in total agreement.


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Couple funny clips to come out of my recent dirt race.:rofl:

I like the way he spun. Big damage or ok?

Broke the nose some more, and bent the RF spindle steering arm to hell. Had some wicked toe out after that, made turning not so great. Oh and bent the steering wheel which I straightened close-ish during the caution.

Ask him to spin to your inside next time and you can straighten stuff out that way.

NJMP promotional email regarding their Finish line pub re-opening:

March 14th : Get a complimentary cup of soup.”



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Report: Pensacola man fights with deputies after fleeing on go-kart

The report states deputies tried to pull him over, but he ignored and kept driving at speeds of 20 mph while holding up his middle finger.

@E13 found your Florida cousin.

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Hold up! Pensacola man? That has Florida Man written all over it!

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Just moved from that area a few years ago :rofl:

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Hopefully not at 20mph and pursued by deputies!

Well, his name is Chase, so circumstantial evidence is not looking good. :rofl:

Cirque du karting.