KartKraft - Online Multiplayer Discussion

A little bird sung a pretty song in my ear this am…

I’ll be downloading the stuff and participating in the online multiplayer rollout testing starting tomorrow.

Zach also is dropping a new camera angle and a different layout of PFI!

Fun times ahead.

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Niiice. If you get a sniff of what general availability might look like let us know

Will do. This should change things up.

Thank you Sir. May I have another?

S1: 11.705
S2: 11.971
S3: 6.156

That was quick. Only 6 laps into session and sub 30. S2 has changed, for the better.

I wonder if I am capable of catching Sheenu down at 29.55. I’d like to get a podium here and take 3rd place. We shall see.

@KartingIsLife So far…

Practice sessions at different track every hour. You click to get in the queue and wait for session. That’s as far as I got at 2am.

Of note: they released reverse versions of the tracks as well as PFI classic (no bridge turn). It’s very interesting and it’s fast.

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What Zach has been saying is that they hope to do something more like iracing as opposed to forza.

For those not familiar, iracing has a weekly race series for a given car in a given track. The races occur every hour or half hour, in between its open lapping practice. You get pulled into quali and then the race itself.
Points are awarded (or taken away) and over the course of a season, you visit a number of tracks. Point standings are tracked and at the end of season there is a winner. At least, this is what I recall, but haven’t played in a while.

This as opposed to the more casual games with lobbies that fill with folks there for different reasons. Iracing uses a split system, where drivers are grouped together in races by split. Top split are the fastest drivers.

How you drive affects two things: safety rating and license. You need both to go up I think to do faster cars and series.

Just received the invitation for the multiplayer beta and joined a quick session, great fun so far!

@danielgauci they did round 3 today. Are you seeing fuller lobbies? Max yesterday was 4 that I saw.

@Bimodal_Rocket the session I joined had 8 drivers in it, with the top three being quite competitive between each other (lead changed twice in the last two laps).

Thanks Daniel. I can’t wait for tonight then! In game I am GruntyPellinor FYI.


I hopped on for a few laps last night. About 3sec/lap shy of Mr. Callan :joy:

I enjoy driving it but KartKraft still feels really weird to me. It’s like the tires have wooden sidewalls or something and the kart is constantly leaving the track surface on the slightest of bumps.

Another thing is a constant rumble in the force feedback. I have a g27 and will play with that some more.

Try the following set up: CRG x30

Scrub radius .1
Caster 14
Torsion bar 25%
Edit: height LOW for both

Driver height (vert) 60
Driver long 50

Rear hubs .1

Raising the center of gravity changes things.

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