KartPulse Compound at the Rock Island Grand Prix 2023

Decided today that I’m going to return to racing after about ten years and enter the 206 masters class at Rock Island.

Figured since I have two karts with 206’s on them I’ll have a spare for when I wad one up :laughing:

Who else is running?


Come The Rock GIF by WWE

I’m going this year again just because there might not be a next year in the current insurance climate.


This is also my current plan. I’m gonna run so that next year I can’t say I wish I would have.

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I’ll book a “Premium” pit spot and make it available to forum members that are interested in sharing.
Only condition is that you share your data with the others (or at least share it with me D: )


We plan to do the same at the Elkhart GP and Clyde GP this year. Clyde was a blast last year and I was slow! I gotta get re-employed so I can travel further… :grimacing:

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A “KartPulse Compound” actually sounds like a blast! Sign me up for a 6x10 trailer and 12x12 canopy, I’ll foot my percentage of the bill!


I went to look up the Clyde GP (spelling errors
Included) and ended up in a kartpulse loop :laughing:

They’re in the planning phase of things right now; I’m guessing info will be out pretty soon. The kart race is a Sunday event, part of the Clyde (OH) Fair [ https://clydefair.com ]. It looks like the date will be Sunday Sept 17. Last year was the 30th race, there were just over 100 entries. I posted a pic of my son going through the infamous “Shitcane” after the race last year.

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…I should be talking to one of the organizers today or tomorrow. I’ll ask him where things stand.


I’ll have my 7.5x18 trailer with hopefully 4-5 guys. I’m sure we’ll all chip in, too.


Entry opened today. Thoughts on tire size for a 206 class? Does class weight influence the decision all?

I have never liked 6.0 tires at heavy weight. Especially with a tire that will get “sticky” like a R60B. I think you grease/overwork the tire too much.

I will 100% be on 7.10s.


Sounds good, I’ll try 7.1 then.

Looks like @fatboy1dh and @CrocIndy are in for the “Kartpulse Compound”. Who else is interested?
I’m entering today so I need to take a guess at how many 20x20 spots we might need and try to get them adjacent to each other.

The real question is how many classes will Burpo enter? Line is 6

Is he running cadet and masters both? The good thing is the cadets are very light and easy to move.

I was thinking two for me would be enough. Maybe not :laughing:

Yes, I am thinking 2, maybe 3 if I want to enter the “King” class for fun. Lord Burpo is not a mere mortal.

One thing about street racing is they love those duplicate entries. Plenty to choose from when doubling, tripling, quintupling (sp?) up, Dom:

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I know for a fact Burpo has the equipment in his garage this second to run 14 of these classes with 3-4 go karts.

A race for everyone, apparently! How do they plan on packing all those heats in?