KartPulse Compound at the Rock Island Grand Prix 2023

Just text Cutshaw. That’s what I do when I can’t remember one.

Update #1, details on my chariot )

Update #2) question from @Roger_Ruthhart

We can also post something on our social media about you and the Kartpulse clan gathering to invade. Do you have something fun to say? If others want to join the raid, how can they reach you

So the question is… what IS the Kartpulse Compound? I’m leaving that open for discussion for now.
Two things I would like to make a part of this (but need help with execution) are:

  1. Provide people interested in getting started in karting with the info the need to take the next steps.
  2. Info on mental health\suicide prevention.
  3. I’ll bring the trailer mounted roller dyno if it’s ready (Very much a stretch goal). Not sure what we’ll do with it, but if it’s there we can figure that out.

Man, they take this race serious.

Yeah it’s a heavy topic close to my heart. Also I recall at least one year a driver succumbed to suicide shortly before the event and there was something similar at the race in his honor.

Given that @CrocIndy 's CW kart pays homage to Chris Worthington, I think if we can do something it would be worth doing.

It was just oddly stuck in there without context. Is the race a memorial?

I wish I could make a race like this. I think it would be a little too expensive for me to do it with DRT. Are there any other arrive and drive like options? I can bring a grill!

Not to belittle this topic and to be quite honest, Karting has been like therapy for me. Aside from the needs of my family, karting has been the motivation to work that little extra and has a very soothing effect on my mental health. I get to work with my hands which is therapeutic and the act of racing releases endorphins, much like exercising, that makes me feel very happy. Racing karts brings me joy and staves off depression in an otherwise monotonous life.


I have had a few chassis issues pop early in our club season. Unfortunately, this will cut into my RIGP budget and not allow me to make the trip.

Oh no. Could you make the trip? I could use some help with a mechanic /tuner.

I think this is true for a lot of racers. I remember even Tom Kutscher alluding to that in the Become One documentary.

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You know how when you are a kid you can feel strong emotions like joy and stuff? And, you know how as you get all adult you forget about joy? And then one day you race a gokart and see that you are indeed capable of feeling “joy”. It happened to me at etown. I wept like a kid in my helmet.

If I were to start a karting company it would simply be called:


I am not 1/10 the experience or skill that @fatboy1dh is, but my son (16, 206 sr) and I will be at RIGP and willing to help out with what we can and hopefully learn a thing or two in the process.


Thinking about getting the Rok shifter sent up there. Anyone wanna wrench for me? :innocent:

Margay usually has options for arrive-and-drives at this event:

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You do not want me wrench for you, I will guarantee you miss FP!

If I’m reading this correctly one could arrive and drive with shared mechanic for about 2k. That’s very reasonable considering I spend 1700 per enduro.

But race costs seperate I guess.

Update on trailer chassis dyno.

I got a trailer for a steal of a deal, but it’s not wide enough to house the dyno. Couldn’t refuse the deal so mobile dyno goes on the backburner for now.

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Literally any other race in the last ten years I could have helped :smiley: