KartPulse KartKraft Throwdown Season 1

What’s your favorite track so far?

So, why am I posting these two laps that aren’t sub 34? Because that’s about to change, probably.

Something interesting happened when I went karting in Florida. I came back different, somehow, and it wasn’t the bath salts.The fact that I am now running 34.1 back to back is indicative of a sea-change. Those were special laps, before. Tonight, especially, they are commonplace, which was not the case prior to my IRL kart session last week,

I don’t know how to explain it, but the act of extensively hoofing those rental karts around a short track did something positive. I came back to sim with a newfound sensitivity that surprised me. Everything in my driving is just better, now.

Very specifically, the closing complex has been a nightmare. I was able to land some very fast laps despite this, but always felt that I did not understand how the complex works, could not reliably find the line out (or in) that allows for the ones that go super low, ie 14.7 S3 or better.

When I came back to sim, on my outlap I saw and understood the final sector. Just that simple. Since then, S3 has been evolving and I am seeing many laps in the 14.6-8 range. I know my way through, now.

I think it was the act of trying to keep a rental kart glued to the track. Trying to squeeze everything out of those pokey and heavy little karts really helped me re-focus on what matters to building speed. In my rentals, I was able to run many laps within hundredths of each other, and when I pushed, I was able to do so without saying goodbye to caution and grip. I felt like I had a better sense of the entire “system” of how the chassis and the tires work together, what they are capable of.

It’s not like I drove brilliantly or anything, nothing that special. But something about driving IRL changed things for me in sim. My braking was the first thing I noticed. Harder, more precise, with a weird ability to rotate at will. Along with that came an ability to place the kart better. I’m on top of the kart fully now, and what was fast no longer feels chaotic. It feels like I am driving here, and its my show to do with what I want. It feels like the variability, while not gone, has compressed dramatically. Back to back 34.1’s is that change manifested in a tangible result.

I am no longer apprehensive. I got this, basically. Hope I don’t eat crow. I just ran a 33.9 again that was pretty nice, but again, imperfect. Soon, I think, I hope. My optimal is now in the 33.6 range. I can beat Eric, which would be amazing.

Edit: NIght laps done. Even faster S3. Optimal now 33.5. On ghost’s butt and gaining. Whatever I learned seems to be working.

Does anyone know why KartKraft doesn’t have online?

Because it’s still in pre-alpha stage and not a full release yet. It’s in constant development. Online will be coming eventually they’ve said.

As TJ said. The developers are close. I expect multiplayer to be released in next patch, likely. I bet within 2 months.

Just a guess. I am not a Dev.

It’s on. Lap 10 I went sub 34 in optimal, lap 11 I set new fastest lap (for me). I made a mistake on turn in at final turn. You can see me lose some momentum trying to get left. This cost me the RPMs I needed to pull on him down straight, but, I kept up, at least. The night is young.

Finally, we are running all 3 sectors solidly. All good, nothing crazy good, This is a sub 34 without a “hot” sector. This is a good sign.

S1: 9.457
S2: 9.707
S3: 14.753

Yes. I have come to trust this process. It works. Its surreal how much we absorb and how “it” becomes ours once we have “done” it. It takes some time to gestate, but once you have done a thing, it becomes part of your driving vocabulary, I think.

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Real Progress

S1: 9.354
S2: 9.761
S3: 14.681

Holy cow, that was a long process. I think I am now finally able to make stuff happen in all 3 sectors. I feel like my final sector has gotten more fluid and powerful. I also feel like I have more freedom within the turn to make mistakes, but still do OK. There’s a lot of rubber on the track here, so you can have some fun whipping the kart around.

That feel change that I got going from sim to real, and back to sim, was really helpful. It shook things up a bit and allowed me to jump ahead. I felt pretty stagnant before, but now I feel like speed is picking up.

Edit: Just ran another session and dirtied another 33.790. Usually it takes a bit for the new low to “set”. Not this time. Do not have to eat crow, yet… :grinning:

How many hours do you think you have on this game

I can tell you exactly tonight but somewhere north of 1000 hours.

And, believe it or not, I’m not even close to the most hours played.

Im not surprised. People play games an obscene amount. I think the most hours I have in a game is 400

According to Steam 1,375 hrs played.

Whoever Macuq is hasn’t played in months, I think, which makes their total impressive.

He has more than twice the laps and only 2k more kilometers… does he just cut every corner? Also I dont know if its impressive or just plain sad that he has 22k laps

The bulk of my lapping was done on PFI and AMP. Those are long tracks. He could have been doing Geel and GVKC. Not sure how they count the “races” against AI. Do that a bit too, but minorly.

Really interesting evening drive. Lots and lots of really solid laps. Finding myself nose to nose going into last turn, frequently. Just a matter of time and I’ll hook it up.

It felt like the ball moved fowards a bit, the gap narrows.

S1: 9.438
S2: 9.605
S3: 14.796

S1: 9.578
S2: 9.668
S3: 14.685

New Personal Best: I think I am satisfied. :thinking:

S1: 9.343 (I’d like a .2X)
S2: 9.689 (I’d like this .61 or better)
S3: 14.734 (I’d like this .6X)

S3 is understood now and S2 is more consistently 9.6-7. The ultrafast exits of S3 mostly elude me, but I have found balance and am running sub 15 very frequently. It feels like I have found how to use the rubber and momentum together nicely here. Finding that perfect hook-up is hard, but it happens. Almost, in this case, but not quite.

whats global 1’s time?

I think Sheenu is 33.4x. Eric is 33.6x and I am 33.7x. Normally our very own @Muskabeatz would be in the mix but he doesn’t like the track. @StrikerClone is US 2 but not a serious effort, I think. He’s capable of more. He’s a darn fine driver IRL and usually makes short work of me.

Hooves has indicated that the track bumps will be fixed and kerbs added in the coming weeks. The insane chicane will be a lot slower with meaty kerbing.

Sheenu and I are even s1, s2, more or less. It’s S3 where he lands a 15.4x that puts him way ahead of me and Eric (versus 15.6-7).

Love the track, I just find it difficult to run the KZ with the gamepad.

I could see that. I use auto personally. Someday I will take the time to learn to bang gears. It seems that when you shift would matter. Preferably shifting when you aren’t in the middle of a turn. :hugs:

if multi player ever arrives we should make a KartKraft World Championship