KartPulse Lap Attack Competition!


(Andre Molina) #1

I’d like to present forum members with a sneak peek into a new type of karting competition that we are going to experiment with. The KartPulse Lap Attack.

The objective is simple: To set and defend an overall lap record at whatever track(s) you choose. There are no classes, we’re searching for the ultimate time

Rules are open\RWYB format. Essentially, it must:

  1. Be a kart
  2. Must meet the safety and other considerations of the track you are running at.

Inspired by time attacks and other forms of no-contact Motorsports, the KP Lap Attack is designed to promote friendly, low pressure, community-driven competition that you can fit around your schedule.

It is also designed to further the hobby for those of us who like to tinker with their machines and push them beyond the limit, more then on wheel to wheel racing and parity.

Preview the draft rules below, or checkout the google doc we’re working on: here

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(James McMahon) #2

I’m in! :grinning: I think it’ll be fun especially with the “outlaw” class at my local track, Stockholm Karting center.

(Dom Callan) #3

This would actually be sort of cool to have an unofficial database of fast times for laps around the country (world?).

(James McMahon) #4

Andre suggested it to me and I figured it would be fun to try so we started putting a set of rules/guidelines together. We hope to post some times for our local tracks and find some others to join in before the big freeze hit us up here in the midwest.

(Andre Molina) #5

Unfortunately, I’ve had a unscheduled car accident and won’t be able to don a helmet for a few more weeks, so I might not be able to hit the track before the big frost.

But I’ll try!

(Andre Molina) #6

Here’s a quick poll. Again, looking for feedback!

  • I am in!
  • Sounds cool, but I rather wait and see what happens first.
  • Not really that interested…
  • I would rather do wheel to wheel racing.
  • There is no place in karting for that type of competition.

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(Dom Callan) #7

I’d love to do this, but first I need to buy a kartbwith a mychron.

(Andre Molina) #8

Me too, I would need to upgrade to either a GPS Mychron (4 or 5) or an Alfano unit. Do you think that’s a significant obstacle?

(James McMahon) #9

Mychron3 gold owner here. Oh the irony…

Anyway since the Mychron5 is prettymuch self-contained, you might be able to beg/borrow one.
@Bimodal_Rocket what’s your local track?

(Dom Callan) #10

I have been renting tag karts at englishtown, nj. I haven’t bought one yet. Soon, though, assuming my beautiful bride doesn’t shut me down. I’m pretty sure she sees my karting as an obstacle to her home improvement plans.

(Paul Fox) #11

Not to derail this thread, but if your looking I’m selling my Compkart chassis. Very very clean chassis.

Also love the time attack idea!

(Aaron Hachmeister) #12

Would you want official times from tracks as well? Most tracks keep records of this stuff, like all the Yamaha records at Badger are still standing from 2013. Would those be included or do you think only times set by KP members/after a certain date/whatever parameters you set.

(James McMahon) #13

Not for the purpose of being a part of the competition. Keep in mind, there are no classes and verifiable data has to be submitted.

We could post the outright records participating for tracks as a reference point though. I think that would be cool.

(Aaron Hachmeister) #14

Oh this is like an open class competition. Hmmm, interesting

(James McMahon) #15

Yep. Fastest possible lap, while meeting a given track’s safety and motor guidelines. So right now, you could claim that for a track with a 206 :smiley:

(Andre Molina) #16

In summary: I want to build a place where lovers of crazy kart stuff can hang out.

(Dom Callan) #17


This might prove interesting in the straight bits.

(TJ Koyen) #18

Probably more interesting in the twisty bits.

(James McMahon) #19

Wow. That’s quite a contraption!
Not eligible though :laughing:

(Matthijs Hofman) #20

I don’t really get it. If there are no classes, sure ‘all’ the records will be set with an KZ1 eventually (if allowed). Meaning 99% of us is out of contention. Or am I missing something?