KartPulse Lap Attack Competition!


(James McMahon) #21

KZ1 would be fine. I don’t think they would walk away with times by any means and I’d like to see that question answered. A lot of it will depend on the track’s layout as well. Consider that in the 90’s 100cc karts lapped pretty damn close to open FC gearbox karts on tight tracks. Take that 100cc, add power while keeping weight near enough the same (very doable) and you’re right on the money.

I think that’s what will make it interesting. There’s all kinds of interesting karts out there too. Like CR250’s, with the gearbox cut off, running methanol, dual 135cc C-Open karts from the 70’s with 70-90HP on tap and so on.

So let’s see how they actually stack up, rather than guessing. Build some interesting stuff, have some fun and see what happens. Twins vs singles. New vs old. Light vs heavy. Shifter vs single gear etc etc.

(Matthijs Hofman) #22

Thanks for the reply. I see that many drivers are indeed positive about this initiative so don’t mind me :wink:

(James McMahon) #23

No worries! We figured some folks would be like “but why?” because it is a departure from regular karting and that’s kinda the point.

(Matthijs Hofman) #24

That, plus every initiative for low-profile competition should be encouraged. But it would not be for me because I drive karts that are too slow anyway.

(Paul Fox) #25

Good example on at my home track the record is set by a Tag driver and on a rotax at that. So you never know!..

(James McMahon) #26

(Aaron Hachmeister) #27

This reminds me of that FSA on a modern frame idea I was talking about earlier in the year. I only weigh 145, so I’d barely make junior weight as it is, which already gives me some of an advantage. If I could afford it, I’d definitely try something but for right now I’m stuck at Yamaha budget

(James McMahon) #28

I have two FSA (Well FA) motors :smiley:

(Aaron Hachmeister) #29

What’s the difference between FSA and FA? I figure FSA is faster but I could never find anything specific on either of them

(James McMahon) #30

Main difference when they were raced was that FSA ran a 30mm slide carb vs 24mm butterfly. Also you could run 6", non homolgated “fancy” tires.
Until 2001 (I think) FSA was also rotary only.

But otherwise the basic motors are the same, bar some tweaks to make them work best for a given track with the 30mm carb.

(Aaron Hachmeister) #31

Are you familiar with Italsistem? They make FA engines for like $2,000 and I thought I might want to save up for it for fun sometime, if they’re any good at least.

(James McMahon) #32

Yeah they were world champions a couple of times I believe. I ran an MV21 for a while.
For $2000 though it’s just as likely to grenade as one that costs $900, so you might as well get a $900 one :laughing:

(Aaron Hachmeister) #33

True, it’s just the first one I could find. Used ones don’t seem to pop up all that often from what I could find, and searching Formula A for sale only gets me Briggs World Formulas

(James McMahon) #34

Between myself, @Mynameismcgyver and @The_Karting_Channel we can find you something decent for sure.

(Aaron Hachmeister) #35

I’m sure I’m also looking in the wrong places, but the help will definitely be appreciated when I can manage to get this project started

(Andre Molina) #36

Yeah, we can find you something cool with a friendly pricetag.

(Peter Bens) #37

Where should lap times and associated data be sent? I’m going to try to run some fast laps at Sonoma tomorrow to submit.

(James McMahon) #38

That’s awesome!
You know, I haven’t quite nailed down the formal process yet. We could have folks attach files to replies on the forum for now until I get something built.

(Andre Molina) #39

Glad to see this slowly taking off! Get some video too if you can, although it isn’t necessary specifically.

(Nik Goodfellow) #40

Make sure you take all the pods and un-needed bits off. Get that frame nice and light and agile.

Also FSA you could effectively do anything inside the engine as long as it stayed 100cc (may have been a head volume limit too). I don’t think they were forced to run rotary, it was just faster until the changed the port height limits for reed engines in what 2000,01?

I might have remembered that port height thing wrong.