KartPulse Lap Attack Competition!


(James McMahon) #41

From memory… FA and FSA were rotary only until watercooled came in which I believe was the 2001 homologation. No port timing or cylinder vol limits for FA or FSA. ICA was reed only, had port and cylinder head volume restrictions.

(Andre Molina) #42

A huge thank you to those who contributed and voted on the poll. If you haven’t voted yet, do it!

And for those who have already, spread this thread around to karting friends and racing friends alike!

(James McMahon) #43

Hey Peter, did you get some “banker” laps recorded?

(Bill Holt) #44

There was mention further up this thread that KZ would eventually hold the records at most tracks. In response to that, and I’m not sure how relevant it is to the US but we have an “Open Performance” class here in AUS where basically anything goes, but there are weight differences to keep it fair.
At an event recently here we had KZ, twins, and a couple of others, racing on the same track together and a twin won.
it was amazing to watch, The sound! It was like the world was ending.
So if you guys have a class like that over there I think it would be a tough call either way, which is half the fun!

(Aaron Hachmeister) #45

We usually just run open classes with no requirements. My club calls it expert, but there’s usually something for any kart that comes out

(Zeke Khali) #46

Exactly what I was thinking. I have been hearing a lot of things about the sodi world series and how it operates on a ranking system… I’m thinking this is going to be the #kartpulse way of ranking it’s members. I love it. Perfect way to keep karting fun

(James McMahon) #47

I REALLY wanna see what a kart like this can do on a sprint/paved kart track. Hopefully some of these chassis can be made work both directions?

(Andre Molina) #48

So, a quick status report:

I am busy developing logos, a prize structure, and a nice front end for data submission. This is happening.

In the meantime, I believe a GPS based system might be too much of a barrier for entry (at least for some of us) so I’ll research alternatives. To keep it period-correct (-ish) for my kart, I am trying out a Mychron 3 Gold with an eBox accelerometer and a wheel speed sensor.

We’ve tried RaceChrono (a phone lap timing app) but we’ve found that unless you have an accessory GPS receiver with much higher Hz transmission rates then a standard phone GPS sensor, it appears that it doesn’t work great to obtain a lap trace.

The mychron/RaceStudio + wheel speed sensor combination looks promising even without GPS, which is good news.

Again, the idea is to find ways to validate a lap time: Obtaining a lap trace with a corresponding lap time means that we will know for sure that no one has cut the track or lapped an alternate layout when trying to put in their fastest lap.