KartPulse store?

Is the KartPulse store still in business?

If it is any chance of stickers or t-shirts being added?




I would buy a couple. 1 for kart, 1 for water bottle, 1 for computer

Growing up, I missed the opportunity to festoon laptop with stickers. Doesn’t have the same zing on a portable typewriter. :sunglasses:

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Now you have the chance to be hip and cool!

Scurries off to buy laptop.

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Yeah there’s really not much in the store right now. I thought we had shirts but it looks they are not there. There’s a couple of beanies on it though and a four stroke shifter engine I’ve been dropshipping.

I’ll work on stickers soon. In the middle of getting the ice karting things prepared but I’ll carve out some time.

/edit hold that thought…. Looks like the store is proper down…. I’ll work on that.

If I were a tattoo guy I’d consider an homage.

Left hand knuckles: KART
Right: PULSE

Darn, not enough fingers.


I dabble in graphic design work. Make some company logo, clothing designs, graphics etc… I know there are some other artist people here on the site, but I’d be happy to help.

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I wonder if count Ruben is on here… he’d love that tattoo

If had the file for the logo I could 3D model and machine some trophies. If it’s a vector file that would be amazing

The one I’d actually do:


Fits nicely across two fists. Like so:

Store is back up, just needs products…
@KeslerDesignWorks , I’ll be in touch.

For now, here’s a beanie

or a cap

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Decals, Decals, Decals!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatsssssss :joy:

I’d say ice tires, but no good to you in FL.

James, care to hook a guy up with the KP vector files?


You’ll laugh but I don’t think I have a vector file. I’ll have to check. I think I might have converted the png or whatever I have to a vector at some point :thinking:

If they can double as rain tires maybe? Don’t think I’ve ever seen show tires, so I don’t have a mental visual to go off of . . . (Florida problems) :rofl:

Us Floridians need a KP cooling towel! Would also buy some underwear, I’d get all the ladies.

Florida Rain Deer :rofl: