Key Areas to Secure Bolts Nuts - Hitch/Cotter Pins, Safety Wire

Looking for advise on securing key nuts and bolts for assembly. I found a great cotter pin drilling jig for $15. I was looking at using hitch pins for ease of install and removal as opposed to safety wire or cotter pins on a crown nut. Could anyone offer advice as to key areas to secure and the downsides of each securing method.



Safety wire is great to stab yourself on - ironically called safety wire. Plus takes time and a little skill, but easy to adapt to various applications. In a jam you can use it as a replacement for a clip.

Your track should have a list of required spots.

Anything on the front steering.
Steering wheel to hub
Steering shaft to hub and chassis
King Pins, Front axles, Tie rod ends, Pedals
Weights are double nutted at our track.

I like the grooved hardware for clips
Here are some examples:

Keep in mind these a only help retain a loose nut. It won’t help much on a broken bolt. If you keep getting a loose nut it is time to replace the fasteners.

I carry a decent amount of them as spares. Relatively cheap.

Use the clipped hardware all the time. Many times the issue is finding bolts with the groove cut in them for the clip. In those instances, drilling the bolt to use a cotter key is required. And if you’re drilling bolts, have a lot of spare bits because you’re going to brake a few.

In UK there is no requirement at any level to clip wire or otherwise provide extra retention for any component or fastener on a kart.

A properly torqued nut, a self locking nut or a dab of loctite are deemed, and would seem to be , sufficient.

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You’re not wrong… But mistakes happen.

People put worn locking nuts on or use them in high temp places.
Bolts snap for various reasons, including crash damage.
Bolts get used in inappropriate places.

Etc. Etc.

Safety wire isn’t a cure of course, but it is an extra measure.

@xavinoo here’s some extra info on safety wire practices. Also, please update your profile to include first and last name.

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