KG Bodywork on OTK?

Seeing more and more OTK karts rocking KG bodywork. Is there something I’m missing here. ‘22 bodywork is finally pretty light so what gives? I don’t think the 508 fairing from KG is much lighter than the OTK M7.

Isn’t it much much cheaper?

Edit: quick internet search and its $50 cheaper

It also looks much nicer.

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I guess I don’t have a preference either way on looks. What I do care about is that OTK only sells the plastics in white! They have finally made the fairings in black, let me have the rest in black. The white eventually stains and starts to look terrible. Mini rant over.

I’ve been asking myself the same question. I first started noticing it watching WSK coverage and brushed it off but you’re right it’s catching on more and more.

Funny thing is it’s all the little skinny dudes running it, I’d think that nassau would be better for chunky wide guys like me vs. the little guys. From one of the “weight” threads I think that panel is really light (and it flaps around in the breeze when you watch it because it’s not strong) and the M7 “hot dog” is the heaviest nassau but I doubt that one is as much about weight as air management.

Yeah, I think this is 100% cosmetic. The hot dog bun got a lot of ridicule when it came out. Not surprised folks are getting away from it given the opportunity when they think a different one is “cooler”

Yea I haven’t picked up one of the KG 508s to see how heavy it is. But I know the Briggs guys love the 507 (no flow thru design) as it’s light as can be and under $80 vs $200 for the 508/M7. I’m considering switching to it for the weight savings.

One thing of note is that it seems like the different fairings affect different sized drivers differently. I know that when I tuck behind the M7 (or really any fairing), I can feel the difference in the wind that is hitting me, but I know other taller guys say they feel MORE wind hit them in the face when they tuck.

But is it visible in a speed trace? Had mine ran over this year, was hanging off on like a 45* angle had to use my foot to shove it out of the way of the brake pedal. No visible speed difference running 68-70mph on a straight. Kinda pushed me to the this thing doesn’t matter camp.

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I recently switched over from the 506 front fairing to the 508 and it’s hard to say how much difference it really makes. Definitely less of my hands, steering wheel and feet exposed. I struggle enough to make weight anyways tho so that’s not an issue. It’s definitely heavier.

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In the original topic discussing the new aero fairings, somewhere buried in this forum, I noted that I back-to-backed the M6 and the M7 fairings at New Castle and saw no difference in the data. Top speed and laptimes were the same.

However, I’ve tested this every time I’ve gone to New Castle, and if I tuck on the straight, there is measurable and repeatable RPM gain by the end of the straight. So I think tucking or getting low can make a difference on a long straight like that where you’re geared quite low, but the fairing is hit or miss depending on your driver’s build.

Agreed with tucking. Not sure if the fairing your tucking behind is making a difference. For science I will do a tuck test at New Castle next weekend for everyone and post my results. While I’m not tall, I’m broad like a billboard so I try to tuck my shoulders and arms in as best as I can, more than my head.

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Dismore always used to scoot down in his seat and get his head low but his knees up next to the fairing. Basically creating an aero fairing with his knees. I imagine he knows as well as anyone what is the fastest way there. He’s taller too. So maybe test that as well.

I know when I was just there, it was 300-400 RPM difference tucking or not. Depends a lot on the wind though too. Headwind can be more.

I prefer snowplow to hot dog bun. It looks better.

Suits my driving style anyways! Coming thru!!!

Out of my way! : gifs

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Quick search shows I can buy the 507 front bumper, 507 fairing, and upper brackets brackets for $15 more than I can buy just the M7 fairing. :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Anyone have the weight difference? I’m approaching “need weight saving fatness” in senior classes, especially 2 stroke stuff.

Maybe you guys are looking in the wrong place for an aero advantage? :grin:

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More space for helmet artwork, I’m down!


Suit Makes the biggest difference similar to Skeleton or Luge… in the tunnel.

I will say, Driver fairing is 100% down to your build and seating position on what will help/hurt.

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