KP Weekly Online Sesh, Season 1 Apr-Sept '20 (Kartpulse Weekly Race)

(Season 1 is now done)… Here’s the link for Season 2…

Original topic…

We’ve been having informal weekly sessions on Xbox around 12 central on Sundays.

Let’s use this topic to arrange the meetups going forward.

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@AndreLafond see above

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I have a couple ideas for the race tomorrow. The vintage touring A cars are a lot of fun at road America and a many other tracks, the vintage lotus 25 is fun at azure circuit(Monaco), group 4 at catalunya.

@Bimodal_Rocket @AndreLafond @KartingIsLife @Aaron_Hachmeister_ @E13

Sure thing, Sunday at Noon central. Lets do one race at Zoland in a blizzard using the Audi GTO (AWD).

Agee, lets do it. I’m game for whatever ideas come up.

I’ll setup the Zoland race. I made some changes with me XB settings,so maybe it’ll allow me to start the race once everyone is ready in the lobby. It’ll be a test, so id the doesn’t work again, someone else feel free to take over the race lobby setup.

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Sounds like a lot of fun!

What time will it be tomorrow? I’ll try some cars out and let you guys know on my findings

Forget the Audi…no hand brake… We’ll us the Olsberg RXL Lite.

12 O’clock central time.

I will try but may be busy at 1 est. will pop on as soon as I can after.

How did the session go guys, I was late to the party…

I was mia as well. Had to do stuff.

It was interesting and fun in the snow. If you short-cut the chicanes, the time penalty was less than trying to drive thru them…lol
A friend of mine joined us and seemed to use that route often. Although, after talking with him today, he said he just flat-out blow the corners anyway.
He’ll return for more adventure.
So, between Elias, Andre, my friend Shane and myself, it was good fun.
Definitely worthy of continuation.

Anybody try adding a keyboard as a second controller? Xbox supports it and so does PC2. Just wondering about using one for additional button mapping.

Found plenty button boxes out there, just not wanting to spend the $. Although, This would be really sweet setup.

The keyboard would have more functionality and pratical use.

Well the keyboard worked for button mapping. Simple plug and play with a wireless keyboard.

Just got my Xbox and Wheel today. I’ll try and join!

Cool Matt.
When you create your gamer tag, add me as a friend. dedoman67

@M_Martin @Bimodal_Rocket @KartingIsLife @E13 @AndreLafond @DavinRS @highSRT @Aaron_Hachmeister_13 @NikG

Race schedule for this Sunday at noon central time.
Project Cars2 on Xbox (currently free with xbox live gold)

Brands Hatch GP
Vintage Touring-GT B
BMW 2002 StanceWorks
8 laps

Red Bull Ring GP (edit changed from National) this car is better on the GP course.
Vintage F1C
Lotus Type 72D Cosworth
15 laps

Road America
Indy Cars
8 laps


If nothing else, thanks for letting me know PC2 is free!

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