Let's see how you sim - Post your simrig

Hey guys, we have plenty of conversations about the sim side of racing, now let’s see your sim rig set ups.

I’ll start.

I’ve been in to Formula Racing before I got in to karting and had some time while working out of town to piece together my rig over a few months. Plenty of waiting time when ordering everything and to when it actually arrived. Sadly, I have been working out of town a lot since putting it all together so it doesn’t get much use.

I opted for a Fanatec setup with the Podium DD1 Bundle and paired it with the Clubsport V3 pedals all mounted to a Playseat Formula Intelligence frame. I was originally going to only get the Playseat Formula but the only ones they had in stock were Ferrari and Mercedes versions and as a McLaren boy… I couldn’t have that.

I primarily play Formula 1 2020/2021/etc series of racing but have Gran Turismo and WRC9 games too with the attached PS5. I haven’t partitioned a large enough space on my laptop to get KartKraft up and running yet, but that will be soon.

The pedals have the brake performance kit and the throttle has a damper. I also picked up the 2021 Limited edition formula wheel last year but am just using the Blue/Yellow formula wheel that came with the DD1 bundle.

There’s a buttkicker gamer 2 attached to the frame behind the seat but the Playstation doesn’t have enough control over the audio output to it so it’s actually not hooked up right now. I’d like to look in to putting more transducers on to the frame as adding motion controllers is basically as much as a brand new Kart.

(A bit of an old photo, as the rig is being ran by a PS5 instead of a PS4 now, and the headset is newer too… it’s also covered in a lot more cat and dog fur now, lol)

Now. Let’s see yours :slight_smile:

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Posted this on another topic but here you go!

Rseat Europe formula seat
Fanatec dd2 with formula wheel
Heusinkveld pedals
3x 27in 1440p monitors


Hard to believe this is even a thing, I think either: 1. I’m getting old and/or 2. I live in better climate.

My rig is a simlab with the optional monitor bracket arm. I have a curved gaming monitor that was a good deal, a Viotek.

I run a csl dd with the fanatec older style loadcell pedals.

The rig has six shakers on it. The seat is a car seat from a Ford Focus RS.

My Pc is a 9900K series or whatever the top end K is of last gen. I run 32mb ddr 3200. Card is a 3060TI.

My vr unit is the HP G2.


Too much dust on mine :joy::joy:


@IRQVET Our season here only goes from Mid-May to Early September… all other months there’s snow on the track, lol. Need some way to practice in the off season.

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I’ll wait to post until i can show off the ridiculousness of a CSL DD on a GT Lite lol.

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Depends. If you look for deals, it can be done. As far as motion is concerned, that’s bound to be pretty expensive. I can’t help but wonder about used motion systems, though.

Parts express does bundles:

You would also need Simhub to use them properly.

If I wanted to do this properly I’d go straight for two high quality shakers and run that.

I’d recommend two Clarke synthesis silver or gold. One on pedal plate, one on or as close to seat as possible.

I put way more money into this than I’m willing to admit, just for me to use it like 5 times per year


I would like to discuss your curtains. :sunglasses::+1::fire:

(Googling race car curtains surprisingly has many results)

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I’ve upgraded from an ikea chair but I think this Christmas present was targeted to have it fold away and never come back.


The ability to fold it away was the selling point for mine. It hasn’t moved since November.

I get, how do I say this, “gently encouraged” to fold it away everytime I’m not using it.

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Get a he-shed!!! Have linked above appropriate curtains for your driving cave.

My spouse would love if my sim crap went away.

I guess extruded aluminum isn’t as cool as we think.

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I really loved the playseat challenge and this looks even better.

I’m not sure many are aware but the Poang chair is the unofficial IKEA simracing chair:

That’s a legit nice seating position for driving. Those appear to be actuators in the top pic. Someone made a motion-ikea-rig.

Another possibility: build the rig inside an existing vehicle and drive the rig while your pal drives you around. No rig in the house:

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Yeah I have it in GT position right now because of the height of my TV, but it can go into formula position and anything in between as well.

Yep they work really well, but they don’t fold away.


Hehe that’s cute. Those pillows are gonna be helpful when she’s in a crash.

She’s extending that little toe to modulate throttle. Little pro alien.

Speaking of DIY motion sim…