Let's talk about Seat Position

That’s it, although I got the variant with the steering lock:


not sure anything longer exists, you can try by manufacturing a bracket but I’d be concerned about keeping the area stiff and also making sure the column doesn’t interfere in the bottom with the bearing support (too much angle will make it rub against the bearing seat)

Due to the lower steering shaft support bearing, you can only get so much shift in angle of the steering shaft before it starts to bind. The plastic OTK upper steering support has 4 holes to position the steering shaft. Given my extremely long legs, I went with hole that pushed the steering wheel farthest away from me. You can couple this with a longer steering shaft and add spacers between the steering shaft hub and steering wheel to give you a few more MM of space.

Good point I’ll have to see if it binds at the bearing. Maybe I’ll try and make something. I have the 4 hole version right now but I’d love to get another 10-15mm up.

I am 5’4" and about 190 with my gear on. I wanting to know if I should raise my seat some.

What are you struggling with on the handling front and where is your seat set now?