Let's talk about Seat Position

In my experience, OTK is not made for larger drivers and therefore do not need to carry the front porch.

I just bolt the seat in with a skilled eye and if I need a change I just move it. This approach has given me great sucess in karting. I also scale perfectly in corner weight but tend to carry more rear weight on the kart then most.

there are only 2 kits available now (that I know of). Freeline and CRG. Arrow had one before too, but not sure if still available, I think you can still buy the lower loop for about $90 and then extend the upper/fabricate the rest. I think the CRG is the one that is easily adaptable to most applications. I just bought one to try on my IPK, it’s in transit. I can post pictures/measurements once I get it if you think it helps

Our CRG porch has worked on a TB, a Croc, a DR, and an ItalKart. It’s basically just a bolt on and go deal, not CRG specific.

Couldn’t you get it and if it doesnt work out, return it? Sometimes text comes across wrong - I’m sharing stuff to try to be helpful, not snarky. Hopefully you find a solution!

I am now actually a bit concerned we haven’t heard from @GregF. He’s our go to for this kind of stuff and usually doesn’t miss the oppty to pipe up.

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Talk to the guys as FasTech they might willing to give you a money back deal and they might know if the CRG will fit. I’ve bought some stuff from them and they seem to be decent. This is their link. Karts, Parts & Accessories!.

Where is the seat with respect to the OTK dimensions? A word of caution, there are two variations of seat position depending on year. The later models the seat is set back further.

It is a 2019 Kosmic chassis with a Greyhound seat. It is as back as far as it can go which puts it up against the inboard reinforcement tubing connected to the engine side seat stay. The seat stay has a second tube connected to it down to the rear crossbar which is preventing the seat from being moved backwards anymore.

I was in the same boat you are now. Knees around my ears and couldn’t get my feet vertical enough to brace myself in the seat. Unfortunately, I am so tall, that even with a front porch my feet are still pitched forward a bit. I make it work.

As far as what is available, Mike Jones at DKC advised me that the CRG is universal. Personally I had one custom made. Like you I wasn’t sure about the fitment of the CRG on an OTK, because the OTK front hoop and pedal mounts use an unusual tapered tube that a non-tapered tube would flop around on. Unless you could find or make some kind of insert that would fill the gap of the taper, then it could work.

I worked with a guy that races Dirt Stock Cars and asked if he knew a cage builder. He was able to recommend a guy in the area that I hired to make a custom front porch. He was able to get the pedals 4 inches further out and allow me to get the seat back in the tuning window. In retrospect, I should have had him make it a little longer to get the pedals 6 inches out from factory. I have some pic posted on another thread.

Sorry Dom. My daughter recently discovered Mario Kart on my old Wii and has been taking up a lot of my free time racing with me. :joy:


Maybe the absolute best and most acceptable answer I have ever heard. Enjoy!

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would you know where I could get a custom steering column support?

That’s a tough one. Birel ART/Ricciardo are the only chassis I know of that have built-in steering height adjustment.

Wildkart makes one with 3 holes and a teflon bushing, adds few extra mm of steering column adjustment

I don’t own it but Praga makes or used to make an adjustable steering hub. I personally had to adjust my steering wheel to clear my knees. I got extra long bolts form the hardware store and stacked about 10 washers between my wheel and the hub at each bolt. Gave me another inch of clearance which was enough. Make sure to use lock nuts.

I think we are talking 2 different things. One is the adjustable steering hub, so you can vary the tilt and distance of the steering wheel. The other part is the steering column support, that allows you to vary the distance/angle of the steering column so you can move it further away from you

Correct. I wasn’t really thinking about it when I replied. In fact, I have the same WK steering shaft support on my project that you installed on yours (Thanks for the tip). It makes the Birel adjustable column a curiosity in that regard, but their approach does the job, just differently. I think they also claim greater rigidity with their design, though I don’t know anything about the specs to understand how this was achieved. My stock hub is also angle adjustable, & so it & the height setting range in the steering shaft support allow a fair amount of ergo flexibility.

Correct, you can also double it up…meaning you can use all of the adjustment available within the Birel slot, plus pair that up with the WK support so you can have even more options. I think what they are referring to by rigidity is the fact that in most karts the bolt goes through a tab which is made by pressing the end of the tubes, prone to the same issues you see in seat tabs, they can flex and break. Birel’s part is CNC machined piece that is inserted in the tubes, so it won’t flex or brake like a tab-end would

I wasn’t aware that breaking steering support tabs were an issue. Maybe they can do something similar with the seat supports?

Is this the on your referring to? I was looking for something longer, if possible.