Lipo battery on x30?


I have melted solder and copper wiring in an instant from RC lipo packs. I am not sure which packs scared me more. The big 3 cell and 4 cell packs at 11.1 and 14.8v and 5000mAh and 50C or the 2 cell 7.4v 8000mAh pack at 100-120C. 5Ah at 50C is a 250A burst at 14.8v, but that 2 cell pack is a 800-960A burst at 7.4v. Either way it will make you see white!

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Very interesting info. I’m curious on the life span of the Dakota.

I don’t like the idea of exposed lugs either so I printed a cover and a charging port for it. Left some room to have the IAME spades fit underneath. Just hard to tell from the angle.

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Nick is gonna share his scary numbers with me and we will be alarmed. Something about 1000 amps continuous.

i had some difficult times with a small battery i got in firing up the kart with the iame 175cc single speed engine in our last practice , so next month i will buy and try this one on that engine and i will write down here if its is a good choice

Has anyone tried this one?
Looks to be like a TaG Kart specific Lipo batery and charger.
The price is also decent.

IIRC that’s the battery RPG uses.

FYI, didn’t work. Not enough power to start the motor

we have test them now … the have superior starting power , tirelles battery . it starts the iame 175cc with ease . also tested on rotax max engine with no problemo so far . the only problem was i had to upgrade to a smarter battery charger from the stock one


I have a shorai motorcycle battery, mostly because it works every time, and I’m always struggling to meet master weight :poop:

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I made a 3D printed Shorai holder that’s lasted 2+ years on @Ethan_Bokeno 's KA100 (even with his driving)


So which battery do you recommend? And which ones did you test

It is this battery that i have mention that i was tending to buy adrian . Some posts up from here . Same thred .

Tested now on our 2 engines and next week i will check it pn my vortex rok also

On the opposite end of the scale, I’ve never seen anyone run a Miata AGM battery as ballast. It would definitely give you more cranking time between recharges.

Spoke to the Dakota Rep and these do not have enough CCA to start the kart. THis is what he sent me

Unfortunately as of right now our smallest ah battery we have with CCA capabilities is our DL+ 12v 25ah batteries.

We will have a 12v 6ah and a 12v 15ah that will be available in a few months. I hope this helps!

I can confirm that we did damage our Lipo after six practice days and three regional race weekends. We are now running an SLA just like everyone else.

What damage did you do?

Voltage went to zero. Will not take a charge.

The battery didn’t work well . With my vortex rok electrical system. It want even crank one turn the engine . So its a no no for vortex app .

But it is doing a good job on a rotax max package.

Bad news also and for the iame 175 application.
Battery dead there too …

Its a shame but now we know …