LIVE Video! 2016 Sofina Maxspeed U.S. Open - Las Vegas

I’m excited to announce KartPulse is working with Maxspeed Entertainment and Karl Rickert of KARTS to bring their live broadcast of the US open at the Rio to your facebook newsfeed.

Essentially we are taking their live youtube multi camera feed and re-broadcasting it to Facebook (with permission :grin:). So it’s a bit “hacky” but it works pretty well.

I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to discuss the event in this topic below.

Run order

  • Senior MAX
  • Junior MAX
  • Shifter Senior
  • Micro MAX
  • DD2 Masters
  • Mini MAX
  • Masters MAX
  • Shifter Masters

2016 US Open Daily Schedule
Event live stream page on Maxspeed
Link to event on

Coverage from CKN

Coverage From Kart360

Coverage on