[Live Video] KZ World finals In Wackersdorf

Here’s the live link from youtube

For friday

For saturday

For sunday


Yes… I want to see what AJ does in the KZ category

Andre Martins, the Owner of Orlando Kart center is there. Wishing him well!


Just tuned in, thanks for the link!


Jordon Musser is running masters too.


He’s a good man. Took care of me when I showed up there at 8am and apparently the reservation was glitched. He set me up no questions asked. He’s my man for masters, accordingly. Go Andre!

Dis Guy:

In addition to making sure I got out on track despite snafu, he was very sociable and chatted extensively with me. I was unaware that it was his joint, actually. I think he either told me eventually or I figured it out. Despite having made two previous trips, this was my first time meeting him.

Check out his dope race suit, Gulf colors! Beautiful shifter kart, too. Oh, he also came out on track with me to shakedown the Tony, which was fun. Since I was on a gx390, it was quite neat to see a faster kart on track.


Rock Island vibes :smiley:

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That tire looks like it went through a huge cowpat

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Goddamn… Is the kart consider totaled ?

Dear moderator thanks for correcting subforum and titles just wanted to share with you folks here.

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Edited. Add saturday and sunday live incase anyone looking. Cheers


No worries at all! Sometimes it’s hard to know where to put things.
Glad you shared it because I was looking forward to it but forgot the date.

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Probably not, depending on how bad (or even if) the frame is bent it could be bent back and put on a table…

Alex powell is dominating.

Rooting for a good show from AJ. Met him and got some coaching when did the 24hrs in Orlando. Incredible driver and mind! Get em :muscle:

+1 for AJ
I’m also looking forward to Manetti vs Fore’ in Masters…the two are still at it, entering the 4th decade…


The mandated chest protector/ribcage looks fairly cool.

Marjin was wearing one with suit top down.

What is the diferrent between kz and kz2?

It reminds me of hamilton overtaking perez and leclerc silverstone '22 :rofl::rofl:

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Difference is now limited to chassis and brakes (don’t need to be homologated, but manufacturer has to have homologated equipment in KZ2) and data logging (open concept), everything else is the same. The most notable tech advancement overall was few years ago with KR and the brake proportion system on the gear lever, I haven’t seen anything notable this year or since then.

Provision for paddle shifter seems to have dropped. I would be a fan of: open carb, open ignition, softer tires, open engine rules with only limit to displacement, KZ2 castings and gearbox internals. I think it would set up the stage for some interesting R&D

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