[Live Video] KZ World finals In Wackersdorf

regardless, great battle, they’ve put on a show! Manetti showed incredible speed, keep in mind he was injured and was racing with a stitched up abdomen from an accident 2 weeks prior. He retired in 2008, coming back at this level and showing this level of performance is nuts

And from a boar attack, out of all things !!!


Wait, for real? That’s more impressive than the on-track performance :joy:

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OK, @Bimodal_Rocket … I recognize those two (not the boars :grin:) but can’t remember their names. Haven’t seen them in many, many moons.

Ope… never mind. A google image search came up with Asterix and Obelix. That’s a blast from the past!

Yup, those two single handedly terrorized the Gaul sanglier population. I have always wanted to eat wild boar, since every Asterix story ends with a banquet where they feast on boar.

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Masters was the bomb, multiple champions going head to head. Epic.

Seriously? There is people here that never had boar stew? :roll_eyes:

Going back to the race, just to put it in perspective…if you look at Manetti’s data, excluding the time he lost in the 2 contacts (Bray and Fore), he would have ended 1st with almost 3 seconds advantage on Fore’. During the interview he called it “good” level of karting

Luckily racing is more that data :slight_smile: He drove fantastically well but made a critical error in his battle with Fore.

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Did not know Fore was such a savage JC

sure, my point was just on pure speed. As for Fore, go check Carole 99 and 2003, just to name few interesting swerving maneuvers, all part of racing

Carole was a badass gearbox track. Those incidents were pretty nasty too.


I love that '03 race. I watch that one back a lot.


This pic says it all really.