LO206 head gasket

Dose the LO206 head gasket now have a steel seal around the piston Part 555723 or I have I been sold a ring of fire gasket.

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There was an update made earlier in the year. Let me know if this information helps:

I know about the new way of measuring the head gasket thickness. The gasket has a steel ring around piston and a briggs logo on it.
What do I have James

Hmm, can you post a couple of pics?

The one on the left is a year old and came out of the package. The one on the right came part as briggs part number BA555636.

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I’m stumped to be honest, I’ve called in someone smarter than me.

Notice the Briggs logo in the lower left hand corner of the right hand gasket.

Okay. …I found out the problem James. The vendor I purchased the gasket set from labeled the gasket set on the LO206 page. The right side gasket is for an animal.


I was just going to say you’ve got an Animal gasket

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That is considered the fire ring gasket used on the animal. It is not legal on a LO206!