LO206 leaking near the pump?

I’m seeing leaking near the fuel pump, not sure if it’s fuel or oil. Fuel lines seem pretty tight. Any idea what might be wrong? And, is it ok to drive for now?

Looks like oil, did it get overfilled at some point, or stored in a weird position?

Stored, no. Overfilled, maybe? Opening the fill cap, the oil is still nearly full (does not spill out the front, though almost right up to it).

It’s fairly normal, the pump gets filled with oil and then it comes out the little vent on the pump. New pump or you can try and clean it out with some brake clean. This is the main reason why you’re allowed to raise the pump up 3/4".

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Put RTV silicone or nail polish on the vent to prevent the oil overflow, everyone I know running the LO206 does this.
Blast it with brake clean to degrease it so whatever you put on it will seal and stick and you should be fine.

Doesn’t sealing the vent closed kind of defeat the purpose of a vent?


Doesn’t seem to have a downside whatsoever, and you have no mess to clean up, that’s why most everyone seals the vent.

Reduces pump pressure when your seal it

You’ve measured the difference?

All you need is enough pressure to fill the float bowl. Which isn’t a problem with the vent sealed.

Even David Klaus has this listed as a solution to the topic of overflow from the vent.

IDK what else is needed to conclude this is a non-issue. Run adequate valve cover venting, seal the fuel pump vent, and save yourself the cleanup.

A strong suggestion to help reduce any mist from exiting your fuel pump vent:
If you find yourself with an issue, clean the oil from your pump vent and using
either nail polish or silicone put a ‘dab’ on the screen itself. This ‘dap’ can
completely cover the brass vent screen without negatively impacting the
function or life of the pump. This will naturally act as a restriction to the
amount of air allowed to pass through. That will lower the velocity of the air
passing through and its ability to carry oil mist with it.