Looking to a new chassis for 206 masters (390 lbs)

Looking to possibly by myself a new chassis. My girls and I started racing this year.

I’m currently on an older margay brava (probably over 20 years old as it’s very similar to the current ignites).

I just club race, and will maybe try a few road races as we have a few close.

Just looking for recommendations on chassis to look at. Cost is a consideration, and I don’t need the absolute best. Just something that is easy to tune and good parts availablity. My girls currently have birels, and I don’t particularly like them a lot.

I do like margay as they are US built and they answer the phone. Just don’t know if they are competitive

Margay makes a pretty nice kart. For what you’re doing, I would imagine a newer Margay would serve you well.

Some of the US stuff for 206. Margay, Eagle, MGM. Maybe can be had cheaper than the Euro stuff and is designed for 206 and works well with it.

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Our AM29s are cheaper than all of those even without the summer sale price.

@nBrewer What do you not like about the Birels?

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We have a racer at the club Mike Burton he’s been karting for a long time. And before he went to masters at Pitt he was tearing it up with the young kids in senior on his margay

Definitely check out this deal though! The summer sale AM29s are a blazing deal

I’m going to drop in with the canned question of “where are you located”?

Margay is certainly a brand you can trust. In fact I’d say there’s almost no “bad” chassis out there. The chassis being run in masters at the races you plan running might give some clues on which direction to go.

I’m located in Oklahoma. Our track is mainly birel. Some moving to restored and kart republic.

Had some issues with our current am29 cracking. I feel it just does not wear well at the 390 weight. But that just me and some stuff I see on a few of the karts here.

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We run them at 390 all the time. We’ve had a couple struts crack even in the lighter classes, but that’s all chassis brands. I could almost make track welding a full-time job.

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Yeah OTKs do this too at both Sr and Masters weight at Pitt in both 206/KA

Strut cracking seems common in many of the Euro chassis. We have had it on our OTK stuff.
IMO, factories are cutting corners on low Cr-Mo steel welding. Lots of HAZ cracking occurring. Can’t use the amount of heat and material deposit of a MIG on that tiny weld area with Cr-Mo material. Way too much heat and no cooldown control or PWHT.

For 206 heavy I’d personally recommend a Birel, MGM, Eagle or Coyote but you can make most chassis work. Not a huge fan of Margays if it’s an open class, there’s usually better options imo.

How big are you Nick? Tall? If you are 200+ and tall, your options are different than if you are smaller.

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6’, 225 lbs. I’m making class with 5 lbs of lead. I’m not huge ( 34” waist, not really over weight).

What does everyone think of the RIGHETTI RIDOLFI EXTREME WORLD FORMULA 4-CYCLE CHASSIS at comet karts?

Looks like it has an adjustable front end similar to a sniper setup, 30mm tubes. Figure that may work with my weight better?

I’m not sure what it’s like at NCMP club races, but I haven’t seen an RR kart raced anywhere. That means you’ll have next to no support or help on tuning.

Looks like a generic, cheap kart built by RR only because they already make all the components. RR is mainly a component company.

Wouldn’t be in my top choices.

but If I recall corrrectly Gold is made by RR? Unless they use different materials for the Golds

I think RR makes the Gold, but there are also no Gold karts in the States either. Not sure how the Gold chassis compares to the RR 4-stroke kart. Looks like a different frame design for sure.

There’s a couple of guys running Gold in CKNA from the Northeast.

Yeah I think Hudson Brown ran Gold Kart at CKNA SummerNationals