Looking to a new chassis for 206 masters (390 lbs)

Yeah, “Snap Ya Neck” Chris has a team running the Gold karts off the east coast. Not sure if he’s dealing/importing or just running them.

That kid has been fast with so many different chassis though. RR or Gold would not be my first choice either tbh.

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That is also something to add. Hudson is very quick on a bunch of karts!

Why not the Gold? 20

I would imagine in that case. It would be access to support and parts. That’s the #1 priority on your list for choosing a chassis brand

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Gold makes a decent kart. But yeah, without a network of support for parts and tuning, you’re more likely to struggle.


Spa Speed / Apex Kart Sports / Alex Kartsports out of MA imports the Gold karts and all Righetti products. I think that’s who Hudson runs with. Helped them piece their kart back together after a crash at Pitt - seemed like a decent piece.

We were on Gold for a handful of years, albeit about 4 years ago. At the time especially in 206 we had trouble keeping them free, morning warmup or cool conditions they were fast but with heat they’d bind up and we tried so many different things but couldn’t get them to consistently work.

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I’ll be visiting comet carts in 10 days. Will hopefully get to look at a few chassis.

Are their eagle karts pretty good?

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Eagle seems to be competitive in certain areas with the right support

This topic has some insight on the Eagle and other chassis.

As far as I know from Gold kart is a decent chassis but it needs a lot of work to make it fast

the eagles are pretty good, and although i don’t have one, they look pretty easy to work on. you’ll get any replacement parts shipped out real quick, too. right now the top karts at the ovka in the 390 classes are a few coyotes, a swift kart, a margay, and some comet eagles. some birel am-29’s are pretty competitive, as well as some mgm’s.

if i had the cash for a new kart, i’d probably be looking real hard at the comet eagle or the coyote.

I definitely took a look at the coyote after their run at grands. But definitely seems to be more value in the coyote team etc. the karts seem to me like mostly OTK style parts.

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I love my Swift Kart, its been fantastic but in reality I think how good any kart performs is down to setup. I can get into two identical karts that are setup different like I did a few weeks ago Birel AM29s in this case . It can be a night and day difference. One was so tight, had horrible turn in and would bog the engine down mid corner off badly. The other, was pretty good except my seating position was really upright so it was awkward but the kart had a good feel to it. The difference was just setup, my lap times were about 1 second apart between the karts.

So, that being said my list of 206 karts I would buy at your size which is very similar to mine except I have short legs/tall body (6ft 210lbs)

Swift Kart
MGM Espionage

The ones I would not buy or even run if given to me for free.
OTK, I would use every component they make though other then brakes. They make some great wheels/hubs/etc.

Ones, I would not buy but think are decent karts

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Curious as to why you feel this way. I’m no OTK diehard as I’ve only been on the brand for 2 seasons now. But i do like the karts a lot and the level of support I get for them! I do notice most of the American 206 karts seem to just slap Otk hubs and wheels/axles in them

We put an old kart buddy back in a Masters 206 (380#) kart at the last round at Pitt Race in an OTK and he put it on podium second day. One of the stiffer 206 Masters club fields in the country. Joey hasn’t karted competitively in 20 years and was about 410# across the scales.

Straight up OTK with a Ribtect seat (not my choice but saves his ribs), MXC wheels, HH axle - that kart rolled for a guy with broad shoulders who looks like he could still play linebacker.

A big guy can go fast on an OTK in Masters.


OTK makes a great chassis and many are fast on it.

I just absolutely hate the feel of OTK karts and not the handling. The flex in the chassis is great, the springing action is not IMHO. I can feel the bounce all the way down strait aways and on corner entry/mid corner… I think it makes it much more difficult to feel the limit.

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That sounds like a setup issue, given the fact that so many (including me) find it to be so good. I have a tillotson 225 on a 401rr with a soft/free setup and it is a rocket ship that’s effortless to drive.

I am a bigger guy, the eagle kart was the best handling 4cycle kart that I have raced. I have I tried Margay, Coyote, Birel, CRG, OTK, and Topkart