Looking to get into karting from HPDE as a learning tool. Looking for wisdom!

Hello everyone!

I know @DavinRS outside of karting and after just a few questions I was fairly convinced I needed to give karting a try!

I started out in cars and I’ve done some concession karting but I’m finding that I really want to focus on the fundamentals so that I can improve as a driver with a goal of being better able to teach performance driving and improve my own ability to better control cars and be somewhat competitive in racing.

My plan

This weekend I’ve signed up for a kart racing school at my home track, Atlanta Motorsports Park where I will get some classroom instruction, some time in concession karts, some time in an LO206 and some time in a TaG.

I recognize the value in safety gear from the automotive world so I’m trying to prepare and pick up some safety gear this week and bringing goPros with me to record as much as I can to reflect on and document my experience!

After taking this school I can rent Lo206s and TaG karts from AMP in addition to the concession karts and I can even run the Micron4 on the rental so that I can pull some data and hopefully learn from each day, set goals and track progress.

From there I plan to evaluate if I should own a kart of my own and get a membership at the track, etc.

In 30 days

I’d like to know if karting feels like it will be useful for my learning and have some level of comfort in non-concession karts

In 60 days

I’d like to have a plan for what my next year budget will look like and a plan of attack of how I will approach karting: ownership, track membership, etc

In 90 days

I’d like to have some tangible takeaways that I can teach from karting that apply in street cars in other applications

Where are you located?

Atlanta, GA. While I have been doing a lot of indoor karting at nearby Andretti’s karting I consider Atlanta Motorsports Park to be my home track and it seems to be a pretty awesome one!

(Age Bracket) you a Junior (<16), Senior (16+) or Masters (30+)

I am currently 29

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your mechanical ability, or willingness to wrench on things?

7: My access to working space is limited currently but I’ve got experience from wrenching on cars

Talk a little about your racing experience so far.

I have never so much as sat in anything more serious than a concession kart and have very little racing experience, but I’ve been doing a bit of performance driving:
~50 HPDE events mostly in NA miatas
Champcar race in a miata
consistent weekly indoor concession karting for a year so far
1 endurance race in concession karts at AMP
Driver coaching in DE, Porsche Experience and other events
Various autocross, gymkhana, drift experience here or there

What’s the main thing you need help with to get you started.

Some gut checks and advice on how to learn the most from karting and how to identify where and how to improve.


I’m excited to jump into the world of Karting and I hope I get a chance to interact with a lot of you on this journey!


Killer first post! Welcome.

When I talk to people looking to use karting as a tool to improve their car performance, my recommendation is to not get too tied up on specific driving techniques.

Rather use it as a tool to REALLY hone the your high level process of going faster.

  • Looking ahead/focus/visualization
  • Observation of how the vehicle responds to setup changes.
  • Trying lots of different things in handling and driving. *Developing a methodical approach to making incremental improvements.
  • Timing yourself not just by fastest lap, but by fastest set of eight laps (for example)

Basically practice everything from Ross Bentley’s inner speed secrets:


@DavinRS and I talked with Ross about this in a podcast too. Here’s a link if you haven’t heard the episode already:

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Thanks for the warm welcome James. The podcast was a fun listen and it was cool to hear about how Davin got to kart with Ross back in the day.

I really like your suggestion of timing a group of laps vs laps individually.

I’ve noticed that I have a problem staying consistent and I cannot identify what works and what doesn’t in my indoor karting as a result. I need to focus on consistency there and play around more when I have data available to me.

I’ll take your reading suggestion as well. Ross Bentley books have been beneficial to me so far, so I plan to continue to consume his content.

Thanks again! I’ll report back after this weekend!