Looking to get into Karting - Got a Kart, now prepping for first run

Hello, I’ve been looking to get into Karting and have been doing some research. I’ve been doing indoor karts but never outdoor karts, I’ve also done tons of autocrossing and tracks days with my car.

I want my own Kart but unfortunately, do not have a truck/trailer to haul it around. There are shops that would transport it for me for $150 per practice session, but that would make my costs shoot up. For now, I’m still pondering my logistics. I guess I can install a roof rack on my car and transport it that way. I live in the Bay Area and I’m willing to drive 1.5-2 hours one way for tracks, but it looks like there are a few that are just over an hour’s drive from me. I’ll probably start out with a used chassis and an LO206 engine as I want to work my way up. I’m looking at used karts just to get my feet wet.

My question is, is there anyone here that knows of someone or a shop or a track that is willing to rent me their kart? I looked at simraceway and it looks like they do not have any more practice sessions that have rentals for the year, I would also need to attend their Karting experience/school just so I can rent their Karts. I know that the season is about to quiet down, so do I just have to wait for next season?

Also, since I’m looking into the LO206 engine, can I store the kart vertically? I have limited space in my garage and the best compromise of keeping cars inside and the kart is storing the kart vertically.

Also, I found a used 2014 FA Kart with an LO206 engine for $2,200. Is this a fair price for the kart? I know the chassis might be older, but are there downsides to something like this?

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A lot of places can rent you storage at the track

Based on your price quote and location, I’m sure you talked to shops at Sonoma, correct? Sonoma is home to some really quality race teams that tend to focus on Sonoma or national level races. Since you’re new and wanting to run 206, they probably aren’t your best bet. Look into Cambrian Go Karts. Donald Durban Jr is a quality guy and his team does support local races that would better fit your experience. Other places might be Karting Concepts out of Woodland, home track Blue Max in Davis, but not sure if he does any storage? @KartingConcepts can you describe your services please. He also often has some great deals on used packages.

Thanks. I emailed a few shops near Sonoma but have yet to hear back. I also talked to Donald at Cambrian and got a lot of information from him. He offers storage and transportation to tracks for a fee, but still not sure it will be cost effective for my budget.

One option for me now is to just store it at Sonoma and only do open practices for a few months until I figure out a way to transport it to other tracks around.

That’s one way to go. It’ll take a bit of practice before you are ready to race, assuming you are totally new to race karting (as opposed to rentals). I’d say spend the first 3-6 months just running laps on practice days, as many as you can. Once you can run laptimes within 3-4 secs of the rest of the gang I’d say you are ready for the “red hot crucible of Motorsport”.

Hey Ron, can you add your last name to your profile please?

What kind of vehicle do you have for transport? Lots of people carry them in a trunk of a wagon/hatch, or on a roof. The roof is quite a bit harder of course.

Another option is to get a tow bar and a cargo carrier like this:

Typically they are good up to 200lbs (check before buying one) and karts are usually somewhere in the region of 160lbs for a 206… shifters are more in the 190-200 region.

Storing a 206 vertically on it’s tail can be done, but you need to be aware of fuel draining from the carb overflow. Draining the oil may be a good idea also… making sure you put a tag on your pullcord to remind yourself there is no oil in there!

Here’s an aluminum cargo rack rated at 500lbs. Of course you need to consider the maximum weight your car can carry back there and the rating of the tow bar too.

@Bimodal_Rocket - yes, this is the top option right now for me as I do not have to worry about transporting it. I also get to just do an “arrive and drive” albeit just practice sessions, but I don’t mind that.

@KartingIsLife - Updated it now. Unfortunately, I only have a sedan and an i3 which is like a mini suv/hatchback but only can drive 120 miles. I have to research putting a tow bar in my car also. And thats good to know that I can store it vertically, I guess I just need to do a couple more steps before storing it.

So I bought a used kart over the weekend and it’s a 2015 CRG Tork chassis with an LO206 motor. Motor runs fine but don’t really know how the chassis is until I get it out on the track next week. Frame looks good from the underside so I decided to just buy it.

I plan on running it next weekend at a local track (Stockton CA) and would like to prep the kart this week. Things I plan on doing are:

  • strip down what I can. I have removed the wheels from the hubs, bodywork/plastics, sprocket. I plan on removing the axle cassettes(?) also
  • clean kart with brake cleaner
  • bleed brakes
  • change oil
  • grease chain and sprocket
  • reassemble everything and make sure nuts/screws are tight
  • fill tires to around 20psi

I probably wont remove the bolts that have been safety wired unless my order for safety clips come in quickly. I plan on replacing everything that was safety wired with cotter pins / circular pins. Is there anything else that I should check or inspect before heading out on the track?

The kart is missing a few things like master cylinder boot and a quick release clamp from the front bumper. I plan on ordering them and a bunch of extras/spares. I’m thinking I’ll order:

  • extra chain or 2
  • hardware kit - is this advisable?
  • extra steering column

I already have an extra axle and two wheels. Anything else I should order?

So check on the tire pressures. Anecdotally we normally run 10-11 psi on lecont whites or reds. 20 seems high but maybe appropriate given your tires.

Steering columns often get bent when crashing so good to have a spare. Another thing that gets bent is axle.

You are ultimately gonna want some sprockets (different tracks require different gearing).

Thanks Dom.

I have Evinco blues, but I’ll probably just start at 12-15psi, I just need to bring air with me.

I also have a few other sprockets already, currently I had the 65 tooth installed and have 66 and 64 tooth sprockets as well.

Great! Dunno about your neck of the woods but there’s likely a guy who does tires at the track (for a fee) and has a compressor. Unless you already have one.

Err… don’t forget chain lube (after every run), check your pressures before going out, and try to stay on top of cleanup.